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Have you ever used a portable toilet unit at a festival, sporting event or construction site? For those who have never used one, we guess that you’ve seen one either from a distance or at proximity. These portable units come in different designs and colours but their functionality is the same. Their mobility is an asset and a unique feature that makes them suitable for a variety of occasions. On the flip side, people who are quite familiar and comfortable with standard toilets may wonder if these portable units are secure enough.

Why users may doubt the security and stability of portable toilets

There are several factors that impact the stability of a portable unit. When one of these elements are compromised, the overall safety when using the units will be below par. Let’s have a quick look at some of the conditions that will make users question the suitability and certainty of mobile units.

 1) Resting surface of the units: It is recommended to have portable toilets safely placed on a level surface, free from disturbance. In addition, the surface is expected to be solid to ensure the units are safely balanced for use by the public or workers on a designated construction site. If you’re faced with a situation where the toilet has been placed on an uneven surface or quite close to excavation or earth moving work, there will be some unsteadiness. One will feel uneasy doing a number one or two. There will be a strong possibility that the mobile unit might tip over and cause a big scene. The best way this situation can be prevented is by ensuring the units are all placed on a level and solid surface. 

2) The weather condition: A dry weather with mild wind or gentle breeze is always ideal for portable toilet usage at events or construction sites. On the contrary, strong windy conditions like fresh gale with a wind scale of 39-46mph, 17-20 m/s can break twigs of trees, create some difficulties when walking against the flow and cause some disturbance or instability to portable units. The severe windy conditions such as strong gale and whole gale will prove more challenging to a seamless use of portable units. How do you make the portable units secure in these conditions? The units need to be placed in areas that are not too exposed to the weather elements. Possibly, resting against a solid wall and firmly planted on a flat and raised surface might help reduce the negative impact caused by the weather conditions.

3) The lifespan of a portable toilet: The average lifespan of a portable toilet is 10 years. A user is likely going to feel unsafe if a unit is way past its best years. The facility could be fragile or unstable if it has been pushed way beyond its old age. If an event organiser or a user suspects a unit is not properly secure and looks like it has been around in a million years, then speaking to the hiring company for some information around its lifespan could be of immense help.

4) Poorly maintained portable unit: Facilities that are not regularly cleaned and serviced can be less reliable and unstable. Looking at the reviews of the portable unit company, website information and posing important questions will ascertain how they prioritise regular cleaning and servicing. Broken or loose parts need to be fixed or fastened appropriately to ensure the safety and comfort of the user. 

Revisiting the question of this blog, portable units are quite secure if the above stated conditions and many more are actioned by the concerned parties.

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