How to deal with the toilet walk of shame




toilet walk of shame

In sports, especially football, there is something known as the guard of honour. This is when a newly crowned champion is congratulated or applauded by the opposing team. This mark of respect takes place before the kickoff of their first game since securing the title. It is a moment of pride for the champions and admiration for the opposing team. This is an example of a walk of pride or accomplishment. Our focus is on the toilet walk of shame. What is the toilet walk of shame?

The toilet walk of shame 

Have you ever walked out of a public toilet, only to be called out by the next user for not flushing? Whilst answering the call of nature your mind is preoccupied with your forthcoming date or next job interview. Whatever the case or reason, you walk out of the toilet,  feeling confident about a resounding flush. Only to be called back by your toilet successor for failing to flush. They had the look of disgust and their voice was echoing in anger. You were left embarrassed and apologetic. Also felt your hygiene standards have just crashed like the stock market during the financial crisis. You have to know how to deal with the toilet walk of shame. A lonely one where every step feels like an eternity. The walk to your desk, car park or train cabin is not one to be easily forgotten. You almost wish it was a nightmare and not a reality. It’s the toilet walk of shame. How do you then deal with the toilet walk of shame?

Dealing with the toilet walk of shame

1) You can’t go wrong with an apology: Apology will always come in handy in these situations. The most aggrieved of toilet users will welcome an apology from someone who has accidentally left a facility unflushed.

2) Offer to flush before your successor uses the facility: You’ve been called out for leaving the facility unflushed. After an apology, you should offer to flush the unit. That is the least you could do in this circumstance. 

3) Make a mental memory of the toilet walk of shame: It is important to remember this incident to prevent a re-occurrence. If you felt quite bad about the toilet walk of shame, it will prevent you from allowing something similar to occur in the future.

4) Remind yourself to always double-check the toilet after use: The deed is done and one can’t change the past. Always remind yourself to double-check the toilet after use to prevent a similar occurrence.

5) Always think about leaving a place better than you met it: You should adopt a principle of leaving places better than you met them. This mindset will inspire you to leave toilet facilities in better condition. This will prevent the dreaded toilet walk of shame. 

The toilet walk of shame is never a pleasant experience. If you experience one, the above tips will help you to better deal with the situation.


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