How to maintain a good sitting position when using a public toilet




Public toilets always usually come to our rescue when pressed to answer the call of nature. The facility at the train station, shopping mall or the portable toilet at an outdoor sports event. The hygiene state of these facilities will differ depending on the frequency of users and the standard of maintenance from the cleaning personnel. Individuals employ different ways of sitting when using these facilities.

Some of the ways may be good for others and others not so good. Maintaining a good position when using a toilet is beneficial for individuals who experience difficulties in emptying their bowels. This could be the case for people who suffer from constipation or dread using a public toilet. It is crucial to understand the toilet position that works best for you in private and public facilities. As it is commonly believed that there are no right and wrong toilet positions when using these facilities. Regardless, the below toilet sitting tips will help you have a great toilet experience.

Sitting tips when using a toilet facility

  1. The lean-forward approach: It is advisable to lean forward when sitting on the toilet. It is not easy to remember and implement this when you are pressed for a pee or poo. Aside from leaning forward, it is also beneficial to rest your hand on your thighs when handling your business in the convenience of the facility.  
  2. Resting foot: The toilet is not similar to the orbit or space where it is hard to have your feet on the floor. With toilets, it is important to ensure your feet are fully restored on the ground or a footstool. You want the balance and security of having your feet supported by the floor or raise to ensure your body is in the right position to empty the unwanted waste.
  3. Control your breathing effectively: You can attempt breathing from the base of your lungs with open mouths. Adhering to this advice will help reduce the chances of shrinking or contracting of your pelvic floor. This can be likened to diaphragmatic or abdominal breathing which encourages full oxygen exchange. 
  4. Bulge your stomach muscle: This is a great way for having a better toilet sitting posture. To fully put this tip into action, you are expected to budge your tummy muscles and follow that up with a deep breath. Try and avoid bulging your stomach but tighten up when handing your business.  
  5. Relaxation is the key: The toilet experience is personal and for some, a time to be in their zone thinking of a plan, work, relationships and politics. You are not expected to relax your biceps when having a poo but your anal sphincter. With this relaxation comes the expected  smooth exit of faeces.   
  6. Use your deep breath: It is advantageous to sit down in a way that allows you to use your deep breath. Deep breaths are quite efficient in facilitating our body to seamlessly exchange incoming oxygen with outgoing carbon dioxide. They are also useful in slowing down heartbeat, lowering blood pressure and relieving stress. From a toilet experience perspective, deep breaths will increase the pressure in your abdomen and push down the faeces through your anus. 

While there is no perfect toilet sitting posture, the above tips will guide you when using a facility. 

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