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That sense of achievement wraps our enter being after finding a hotel with just the guidance from a map. Even more satisfying, is doing this in rural areas with poor navigational or map features. As humans, we love a challenge, relish a puzzle and take pride in unravelling a mystery on our own. It makes us feel as smart as Newton or innovative as Einstein. We are not all equally gifted with the same degree of resourcefulness or knack in observing patterns or spotting directions. But when we find a solution without seeking external guidance it is beyond gratifying.  

Have you ever found the public toilet in a shopping mall, restaurant or pub without asking a staff for help? Whilst it is not a bad idea asking a staff member for the closest public facility, it is important to spot patterns. Understanding where toilets are mostly located in public places like train stations, restaurants and shopping malls will prove valuable. We will briefly look at some of these patterns that can point you to the public facilities.


Tips for spotting the designated customer toilet

These are useful tips that will help you find the designated public toilets in places like a restaurant 

  1. Understanding the flow of the human traffic: When you find yourself in a restaurant or pub, the easiest way to spot the public toilet is to understand the flow of movement. Excluding people walking to the bar or their assigned tables, the subsequent popular flow of traffic could indicate the location of the toilet. They have to all be headed towards an area that is far from the bar.
  2.  Far from the bar or kitchen: It is quite rare to find a toilet close to the restaurant kitchen or pub bar. You’ll have to look for doors that are some distance from areas where food is prepared or served. This will help you predict the likely location of the public toilet. 
  3. Floor below or above the till in a restaurant or fast food outlets: Some restaurants locate their public toilet facility a floor above or below the pay point. Fast food outlets that have multiple floors are likely to have the toilets a floor below or above their main pick-up point. If you are dropping by a popular fast food outlet like Macdonald’s to use their facilities, you are more likely to find the toilets on the basement or top floor. 
  4.  Use the signs: This may sound quite obvious and simple but it is not always the case. Some train stations, shopping malls or restaurants may not have the best of signs pointing users to the designated public facilities. For areas that have clear and well located signs, you’ll need to read the signs to guide you to the provided facility. 
  5. Last set of doors in the hallway: Some restaurants have their facilities at the end of the hallway. You’ll have to look out for an area that has at least two sets of doors to discover the facilities. There is also the chance of finding a door that leads to both the gents and female toilets.

These are some tips that can help you find your way to a public toilet. If all of these tips fail, you could ask the staff member to guide you to the facilities. 


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