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standard portable toilet

Portable toilets have become part of our society and are often found at various events, construction sites, and leisure parks. You’ve probably heard the word standard so many times and also used it on a few occasions. For example, a standard car parking space is expected to be 2.4m X 4.8m. The standard number of calories for breakfast is 300-400, and lunch and dinner are 500-700. Standard things set the basis for comparison. This same logic applies to portable toilets. 

The standard portable toilet dimensions 

Standard portable toilets are quite popular and commonly found at most sites around the UK and the world. These mobile restrooms are about 12 square feet and have a 43.5″ x47″ dimension. They are generally built with a convenient layout and interior space of 11.7 square feet. You may have seen or used this at an event or while working on a construction site. 

The general capacity of the Standard Portable toilet 

Portable toilets are designed or built to handle a certain amount of usage before emptying and servicing according to the agreement between the client and the toilet hire company. On average, most standard portable toilets can be used 200 times when hired. A 4-hour event with approximately 100 people will amount to 200 uses. An average person is believed to use the toilet 6-7 times a day. That’s about every 4 hours, and an event may have users that visit the toilet every 2-3 hours, depending on their exposure to food or drink. This rough estimate helps us understand the volume of usage the standard portable toilet can handle. 

Some of the benefits of the standard portable toilet:

1) They are compact: These portable toilets are built to use very little space. They easily fit into the corners behind a fence, underneath a tree, or by the outskirts of a car park. With their compact nature, multiple units can be hired and fitted in a designated area to be accessible to users. 

2) ideal for various occasions: the standard portable toilet is a great companion at construction sites. A standard unit can serve 10 workers on a 40-hour week schedule. It is also perfect for that long overdue home extension project. One can be hired and serviced regularly for the duration of the job. You may have also seen them at festivals around the country. They are spacious enough and can meet the demands of festive goers. For various events such as fundraisers, boat racing, and a lot more, these units can come in handy and meet the participants’ needs. 

3) Flexible add-ons: Most standard portable toilets have essentials such as hand sanitisers, integral vents, door locks, etc. Additional facilities like a handwashing station can also be provided alongside the standard portable units. 

These units are ideally suited for most situations and have numerous benefits that can’t be ignored. 

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