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One of the main benefits of portable toilets is that they are movable. These units can be transported to a variety of sites and locations. Based on their design and build, moving and placing these facilities is relatively straightforward. In the 2008 movie The Dark Knight, the Joker made this statement for superhero fans after Batman successfully captured him, “this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable object.” In this case, you can liken the fences and walls at locations to an unmovable object. Most walls are stationary and can’t be imagined as collapsible or adjustable. There are lightweight, flexible, movable walls that are popular in partitioning or subdividing spaces. Our focus is on walls that are steady, rigid, and unmovable. The portable toilet can be viewed as an unstoppable force like Batman. With this analogy, you can somewhat suggest that portable toilets can travel over any wall or fence. It is usually advisable to place these mobile toilets in a flat and suitable area to avoid continuously moving them around.

Let’s consider possible things when remotely contemplating lifting a mobile unit over a fence or wall.

Lifting a portable toilet over a fence or wall

It is an act that should be avoided, but if the only option for you and the team is to lift a unit above the wall, here are some thoughts to consider:

1) A one-person delivery and collection service: Some portable toilet hire companies to operate a one-person delivery and collection service. With this setup, event organisers or site managers will not have the extra support and manpower to move these units above the stationary wall.

2) Available personnel to move the units: if you have no option but to move these units, you’ll need your team on the ground to assist in making this happen. It may not be easy to get people to join you in moving these units if it is a busy event where people are occupied with celebrations or actively participating in a sporting event like a marathon

3) Space for regular servicing: Moving the toilets above the fence should not be your only concern. But ensuring sufficient space for the portable toilet company to service the units is essential. Usually, unrestricted access within 15 feet will be enough for regular servicing to be carried out.

4) The height of the wall or fence: Some walls and fences are higher than others. The average fence is about 3 feet high, and most backyard fences can be 6 -8 feet tall. If yours is pretty high, lifting the toilet over it could be a challenge. Things may become complicated if the fence is assembled with barbed wire or other restricted materials.

Lifting an assembled portable toilet over a fence is challenging and not advisable. It should be avoided at all costs. Effective planning and consultation with the mobile toilet company are essential to ensure the units are placed in the appropriate area to avoid any onward movement.

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