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decorating portable toilets

We understand the importance of having sufficient portable toilets during your special day. As people wine and dine at your wedding, they constantly make a quick or extended stop over at the supplied toilets to answer the call of nature. If your intention is to make these units more attractive to guests,here are some simple decorative ideas that are worth considering.

Simple decorative ideas for portable toilets

1)Incense sticks or burning of candles for a nice smell: Your guests deserve to be greeted by a nice smell as they open the doors of the portable toilet units. As people use the toilet, there tends to be a deposit of an array of smells, which could lead to a stench if not properly handled. In this instance, burning candles or the use of incense sticks could help produce a soothing smell that will make having a poo a thing of pleasure rather thandisgust.

2) The use of floral decorations: Green plants tend to add life to any space and your portable toilet is no exception. Interestingly, you could also make a framed paper roll floral decoration by using a toilet paper roll, a picture frame, superglue and black acrylic paint to furnish the toilets.

3)Funny photographs of the bride and groom or guests: Who wouldn’t want to have a bit of humour whilst answering the call of nature? Adding funny photographs of the couple or guests will make your people leave the washroom with a smile on their face.

4) Poetry: You can also use a funny poem that focuses on toilets to entertain your guest whilst they are having a poo. A poem along the followinglines might do the trick:

It’s that special moment:

You just had a call.

From your boss,

yes, your boss called nature.

It’s a call you’ll have to answer in this phone booth.

Not your usual phone booth but a portable toilet.

Answer the call gently and no one will hear the discussion.

We’ve got all you need to make this call a memorable experience.

It is important to make the toilet a talking point for all the right reasons. You want your guests to go back to the tent or marquee and tell their mates about the funny captions, pictures, poems and interesting decorations found in them, ensuring they are a positive and memorable part of your dream day.

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