No hand drying option in a public toilet?




no hand dryer option

You’ve just used the public toilet, washed your hands as any hygienic person will do. You suddenly realised there is no hand dryer. You look around once more, a closer look at the mirror section, as some toilets have hand dryers underneath the mirror. One could press anything that looks like a button to ascertain if it’s a hand dryer or not. It almost feels like you are involved in a treasure hunt, or in this case, hunting for a hand dryer. Some hand dryers are believed to nurture than kill bacteria. As such, those who argue against the use of hand dryers are convinced that they suck in dust and dirt and can easily blow bacteria onto the hands of users. In some public toilets, these hand dryers are not regularly cleaned, which makes them an unhygienic way of drying our hands.

Nonetheless, the hand dryers are the most popular way for drying hands in public facilities. Instinctively, we seek out a hand dryer after washing our hands in these facilities.  In supporting the argument on the dangers of some hand dryers, a study reveals that running ones hand under a hot air dryer for about 15 seconds drastically increases the number of bacteria in the hand. On the other hand, the same research revealed that keeping your hands still under the dryer reduces the number of bacteria quite significantly. It is not just a debate of the most hygienic dryers but also how our hands are placed or positioned.

Giving up on the hand dryer for the hand towels 

It is quite certain, on this occasion; the toilet has no hand dryer. Hand paper towels will be okay you imagine. A look to the left and right leaves one in despair. As no hand paper towels are provided for users of the public toilet facility. Hand paper towels are believed to dry hands more quickly, remove more bacteria and are more powerful in preventing cross-termination. Those in the hand towel industry always emphasise the reasons why a hand paper towel is more hygienic than a hand dryer. You’ve looked around, checked all the key points of the toilet and no paper towel is provided for use. We are reminded that properly drying our hands is an important aspect of effective hand hygiene procedure.

Toilet hygiene etiquette reminds us that properly washing our hands with water alone or either with soap and water, followed by a proper dry on paper towels can properly remove bacteria. On the contrary, if we shake our hands after washing, some stubborn bacteria are likely to remain on our hands. With this truth in mind, leaving the toilet without a proper drying of our hands will be out of place. The other thought that could run through one’s mind is popping into one of the stalls, and dry our hands with some toilet roll. This is not a hygienic option as the toilet roll may have some bacteria or residue. Some people end up rubbing their hands against their trousers or jacket which is also not a hygienic method.

We are sometimes confronted with new challenges when using the public toilet facilities either at a local music festival or popular shopping mall. Pursuing the most hygienic option is always advisable. It is not about choosing between a paper towel and a hand dryer, but drying your hands in the most effective manner that will prevent the spread of bacteria.

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