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Portable Sanitation Europe (PSE)

WC Portables are proud to announce we are members of the Portable Sanitation Europe (PSE)

Portable Sanitation Europe seeks to promote itself as a professional trade body, committed to high standards of training and customer service, so that the PSE logo becomes recognised as a hallmark of quality. It will promote the declared objectives and obligations to which member companies commit themselves on joining PSE. It is committed to working in close partnership with the HSE (and other government and NGO’s) to ensure that it is communicating and assisting in the generation of new legislation that affects the portable sanitation business. (PSE, 2016)

We at WC Portables aim to keep our rentals to the highest of standards and pride ourselves on being a small business with big ambition. Being a member of PSE reflects our own standards of which we wish to upkeep within our market segment.

Customers will have peace of mind knowing WC Portables complies with all the regulated standards for disposal of waste and our staff members are trained to ensure safety is upheld for all.

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