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freestanding portable toilets

Have you ever lived in a house, relaxed in a garden, and caught up with friends in a yard gazebo? Or, park your vintage cars in a garage or store your lawn mower in a shed. All of these places have one thing in common, and they are freestanding. What do we mean by freestanding structures? A freestanding structure is a building, object, or construct that stands on its foundation or base without being attached to something else. The examples listed are all freestanding and also a portable toilet.  

Why a portable toilet is a freestanding structure:

A portable toilet is a restroom facility that can be easily moved to different places based on need or demand. A critical difference between a portable toilet and a similar freestanding structure, such as a garage, is that one can be transported from one site to another, but the other is fixed to a pot. Finding the same portable toilet in different locations on different days won’t be surprising. On the other hand, it will be a shock to realise your garage has moved to your next-door neighbour’s plot. That is inconceivable and one you’d find in fables and tales told to kids to stir up their imaginations. The beauty and significant benefit of portable toilets is that they are both mobile and freestanding. Imagine if portable toilets were not freestanding and required some support mechanism on sites or locations. It would have made hiring and using these units more challenging for rental companies and users. Let’s quickly look at some of the advantages of the freestanding characteristics of portable toilets. 

Advantages of the freestanding attribute of portable toilets:

  1. The delivery and placement of the units are quick: The time-saving benefit of the actual placement is a massive relief for all parties concerned. All that is required is that the steam-cleaned units are delivered to the designated site and lowered to level ground to ensure stability and safety of use.
  2. Things are more flexible, and units can be moved from one location to another: Flexibility is a common word for hiring and maintaining portable toilets. After the units have been delivered to a particular construction or event site area, the management or organisers could choose to be reallocated to a different area of the given site. This could be due to various reasons concerning the event, guest numbers, or a last-minute change of mind. A freestanding mobile unit is almost as flexible as an elastic material to adjust to any situation. 
  3. Freestanding toilets are a less expensive option: These freestanding units’ time-saving and flexibility attributes are not expensive to hire. For example, having these restrooms in an event can enhance the overall guest experience. No one wants guests to be livid about toilets’ lack or limited availability. That can suffocate the vibes on a given occasion or event. 

Portable units are freestanding, a logistical lifesaver for toilet rental companies, customers, and end users. 

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