Portable toilet or bucket for the modern day camper?




Releasing waste from our system is quite important and there are options as to where we complete our business. At home, it is quite easy to visit one’s private toilet facility to do a number one or two. In public settings like shopping malls, train stations and musical festivals, these facilities are provided. For a camper and an adventure lover, you’ll need to assess proximity to toilet facilities and the choice of either taking a camping portable toilet or a bucket. It’s important to compare the benefits of these units and how relevant they are to your camp setting. It is crucial to explore the emptying and cleaning options when choosing a camping portable toilet or just a bucket and a bag.


The neutral toilet solution

Not all campers consider a portable toilet or a bucket when planning a camping expedition. Some individuals consider camping sites close to a public toilet. In this case, they could easily opt for doing a poo in these public toilet facilities and take along a container for urine. Others may choose to do both a number one and two in the closest available communal toilet.


The case for choosing buckets

People can get innovative as to how buckets are used during camping. A good example would be using a bucket with a seat. You could then have additional items like a bag with sawdust and gerbil bedding. Ensuring it meets the required sanitary condition is quite important. The bucket is known for having odour issues as urine and faeces are usually discharged in this device. There are health risks that can arise from the use of bucket toilets whilst camping. Pathogens can easily spread from the faeces found in buckets. Some of these pathogens are known for spreading diseases. An example of a pathogen is the Salmonella Typhi which is a causal agent for the common. Typhoid fever. With buckets, one runs the risk of easily tipping the faeces over whilst camping.


The case for choosing camping portable toilets

The camping portable toilets are a great alternative to the buckets. You could easily achieve more with these units as they can hold waste longer than buckets. You could add scented chemical liquids to help subdue the smell from previous usage. A lot of these portable units can easily hold waste until the tank becomes full. Some other portable facilities are built with a long flip out neck which makes the increasing and emptying of waste quite easy. The detachable waste compartment on most units will make waste disposal and overall usage more convenient. This may be a better option in terms of hygiene standards, waste disposal and convenience.

Choosing between a camping portable toilet and buckets will be determined by the length of stay at the site. And other factors will include proximity to public toilets, number of campers, weather condition and hygiene demands. The presence and number of kids you have on a camping outing will also influence the toilet facility of your choice.


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