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Portable toilets make the lives of event organisers, construction site managers, and home extension owners much more effortless. You don’t have to worry about where your attendees will handle their business. Or if the construction project will delay further because workers have to walk some distance to the grocery store or pub to empty their bowels or bladder. With the availability of mobile toilets for hire, you can easily book the required units for your event or projects. Some of the questions quickly asked during the portable toilet hire process are as follows: how many toilets are required for the event? How will these toilets be delivered? How many times can they be used before the tank is emptied? Can a portable toilet be hired for a single day?

These are some questions most event organisers or site managers ponder over and ask. The answers to these questions can also be found on providers’ websites or relevant forums. Our primary focus in the article is to explore the hiring of portable toilets for single-day events. More importantly, the possible reasons why portable toilets can be hired for a day. Are you considering hiring a mobile unit for a single-day event? Join us as we explore the rationale as to why people hire these facilities for a single day. 

Reasons for hiring portable toilets for a single day: 

1) Event is scheduled for a day: this is a common reason for portable toilets to be hired for a day. Not all events are multi-day. Events such as fundraisers, outdoor wedding ceremonies, and sporting events may require portable toilets for a single day. It makes better economic and logistical sense for the mobile toilets to be hired for the given day. 

2) Sharp difference in the volume of attendees at multi-day events: Some multi-day events have a difference in the number of people that attend on a given day compared to other days. For example, a 2-day event may have all registered users attend the first day of the conference, and the executive team or sponsors could attend the second day. In this example, if an event venue has limited mobile facilities, portable toilets can be hired for the first day, when more attendees are expected to be present. 

3) Fixed toilets are going through an urgent repair: Portable toilets are also hired in instances with a limited number of standard bathrooms. Some venues proactively maintain the state and standard of their toilet facilities. When a breakdown occurs, most facility or venue managers can quickly contact workers to fix the issue. Selecting some of the breakdowns may take more hours than required, with the event date drawing closer. When something like this occurs, mobile facilities can be hired for a day when the standard units are fixed.

4) A replacement for a broken portable unit: Events and construction projects involve a lot of planning. So many things can go right while the unexpected pops up from time to time. Let’s assume you’ve hired a sufficient number of portable toilet units for a multi-day event or construction project. The user-to-toilet ratio is calculated to perfection. There are no backup toilets or spares booked. Unfortunately, there were many last-minute event registrations, and the construction project completion was now expected to be delayed for another extra day. These are a few unforeseen circumstances that can creep up and lead to hiring more portable units for a single day.

As humans, it is a basic need to require the restroom to handle our business. That’s why mobile toilets were designed to help us address nature’s call event during a single-day event. Portable toilets ensure most outdoor events and construction projects run smoothly. 

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