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Thoughts are an integral part of our human nature. Daily, our mind is consumed with an abundance of thoughts. Upon waking up in the morning, we think about the weather and the most suitable work clothes for the given day. During breakfast, we are pondering what we will have for lunch at work. Some could stem from a place of worry and others emanating from sheer imagination.

We put our brain to work through these daily or hourly thought patterns. These thoughts are not only limited to weather forecast, a pending tournament football game, work interview or food options. Our private moment when pooping, is a unique opportunity to embark on long thought journeys. The five to ten minutes we have to answer a number two allows us to think through our day and what lies ahead. 

Sometimes, we spend a little longer at these facilities because of the amazing and entertaining thoughts that are playing through the screens of our mind. It is not uncommon to find a portable toilet van parked next to the mobile units at a construction site or running event. These vehicles might be parked next to these facilities because they are preparing to remove one or two units for cleaning or about to replace a faulty one. There are a lot of logical reasons to explain the placement of these vehicles in proximity to the portable toilet. We will explore some thoughts that can travel through one’s mind after capturing this sight. I mean, the sight of finding a portable toilet van next to the units at an event site.

Common thoughts that emerge when spotting a van next to a portable toilet unit:

The thoughts in this scenario is from a user who is about to use the mobile units for a number two. 

1) Is there a driver in the van? The first question a potential user will ask will be in the presence of a driver. That first question will lead to a stream of subsequent questions. Let’s assume in this case, the user could not confidently ascertain if there was a driver present in the van or not.

2) Will the driver hear my bowel sounds? The portable unit is quite close to the van. We are positive there is a driver in the van or will soon approach the van. For the super hygienic and cautious individuals, we try to control the release of our poop to mitigate the usual bowel sounds we generate on a given day. This will not be the case if the site is quite noisy as a result of construction works.

3) Will the vehicle accidentally drive into the mobile unit? All sort of thoughts are bound to occupy the mind of a current user. This thought can be easily abated if the van is parked parallel to the mobile unit. It becomes somewhat disturbing when the van is parked head-on. In this scenario, one would imagine the driver accidentally accelerating rather than reversing. Or the handbrake letting go for the car to then proceed and come into contact with the portable toilet. It is pretty clear that the way a van is parked impacts the severity and intensity of thoughts that travel through the mind of a toilet user. 

4) Will the portable toilet staff mistakenly place the unit in the van? We’ve read stories of people who were accidentally evacuated whilst in a portable toilet. Not all staff will open to check the mobile unit before transferring to the van. This is unlikely to happen if a user is awake whilst doing a number one or two. If one notices any movement or elevation of the unit, a simple scream or hard tap on the inner part of the unit should likely alert the portable toilet staff. 

These are a few thoughts in the form of questions that can likely occupy one’s mind whilst using a unit next to a parked van. 

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