Services and deliveries of portable toilets

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We have many clients who ask how we conduct the services and deliveries of our portable units to site/events.

Portable toilet deliveries

As a starting point, we will need to gain access to the site, you may think this may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people do not check the sizes of our equipment. Our toilets DO NOT collapse and we CANNOT airlift them in.

Our portable unit sizes/capacity is as follows:

Standard Unit

Disabled Unit

Our truck sizes vary and this is something that can be discussed in regards with event deliveries (you will also have to take into account the amount of units you wish to be delivered trailer/truck loads etc)

However, with a site delivery of a single unit or two, we can pretty much standardise the trucks to those of a similar size of a transit.

When our units are first off the truck, they are moveable by our drivers who have experience in placing the units in the clients instructed position. As a client, you need to be sure where you want the units to be placed. Once they have been filled with chemical and water the weight is too great for them to change position.Our trucks will also need to be within a 10m reaching distance from your desired toilet location. This is for our drivers to gain access to service the units and to ensure the waste is extracted safely and efficiently.


We at WC Portables offer one free weekly service for site units. A second service can be arranged for a separate fee and this can be discussed with our sales department. We can only service the toilet if we can access the site, this includes our drivers not being obstructed for the safely of all.

Event services

As we have said above we need to be at least 10ms away, can gain access and have no obstructions. This is again to ensure safely to all.

Events are usually over a small period of time and do not always require a service or require them daily. Services for events are charged at a disused fee with sales.

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