Simple tips in overcoming toilet breaks during a race




As the year winds up we revisit our bucket list and set new goals for the upcoming year. Taking part in races like the half, full or ultra marathon is always on the wish list of many. You’ve set your mind on a race, registered and commenced training for this monumental task at hand. You read through a variety of blogs containing useful tips for beginner or intermediate runners. Though event organisers provide sufficient portable toilet units along the race course, runners always seek tips on how to avoid using these mobile facilities during the race. A lot of these runners thing stopping to do a number one in a portable quad urinal facility or number two in a standard mobile unit will have a negative impact on their drive to achieving a personal best. We’ve come up with some useful tips that’ll help prevent the untimely and inconveniencing call of nature during a race

Simple ways in avoiding using the toilet during a race

1) Reduce the consumption of fat and fibre before the race: It is quite important to reduce or cut down the amount of fat and fibre you consume a few days before the race. Consuming less of fat and fibre will ensure you do not have any extra amount of food residing in your GI tract and will prevent the urge to use a loo during the race

2) Adjust the level of caffeine intake: A good number of runners love their caffeine and are tempted to increase the amount they consume as the race draws closer. One’s caffeine consumption does not solely depend on the amount of coffee we drink. Caffeine can also be found in other food and drinks such as Yoghurt, Candy bars, protein bars, hot chocolate and sodas. They contain a varying degree of caffeine. It is important to note that a unit of a GU energy gel comprises of about 40mg of caffeine when compared to an eight ounce cup of coffee which has about 95mg of coffee.  As such, consuming about 3 to 4 pouches of a GU Energy Gel during a race could easily spike up your caffeine level and likely unsettle your stomach.

4) Properly assess your pre run meal: Checking what you eat on the night or morning before a race is very important. It is always advisable to eat what you and your body are familiar with before a race. The night before a race it is beneficial to go for something small in mass but rich in carbohydrate yet not spicy or greasy. You could still opt for a carbohydrate-laden lunch on the day before your run. Pasta is always a popular choice!

5) Stagger or space out your fuel intake: Energy gels and bars are very useful during race preparation and execution. It is important to take these energy replenishing substances in moderation to prevent any bowel over reaction or stomach upset. Try consuming these bars and gels in little amounts as you build up your race mileage as it allows your body to adjust accordingly.

These tips are important in ensuring you run your race without frequently vesting the portable toilet unit provided.



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