Some factors that will help you determine if the public toilet is empty




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We may not be at the same comfort level when using public toilets. Some are more at ease and can handle their business even when the facility is full of people. For others, a bit of discretion is required as they are at optimal comfort when the entire facility is empty. For users who are a little bothered meeting a busy toilet, walking into an empty facility is a dream come true.

The challenge is walking into a toilet that looks empty, feels empty and you hear a sound that just makes you feel someone could be in one of the stalls. That sense of security that comes from answering a number two in an empty toilet suddenly leaves you as you sense someone else could be present when you’re emptying your bowels. 

The thought of feeling embarrassed when someone hears your bowel sound occupies your mind. You go into your stall and suspend doing your business for a few seconds to listen if the sound was just the valve in the toilet tank making the foghorn sound. Or, a user in the stall getting ready to flush. With all this uncertainty in mind, you are prepared to wait it out some more to confirm if you’re the only one in the facility. If an additional sound is not generated from the stalls, you can easily get down to answering the call of nature with poise and confidence. Whilst handling your business you might be wondering why the toilet could be empty and if someone could just walk in as you are emitting some bowel sounds.


Some possible reasons meeting a public toilet facility empty

1) Off-peak period: People are more likely to meet an empty facility during an off-peak period. Off-peak depends on the location of the public toilet facility. For train stations, after weekday rush hour may be a great time to encounter a public toilet empty. At a music festival, you might find the portable toilet area empty during a popular performance or main act. Whilst enjoying the quiet toilet zone and handling your businesses. there is the risk of missing out on a special act or performance. 

2) More available public toilet facilities: When there are more public toilet facilities provided at a shopping mall, train station or marathon event, you are likely to meet an empty toilet area that affords you the comfort to answer the call of nature. Shopping malls can provide toilet facilities on every floor. There are instances when you could find two sets of toilets on each floor. One at the beginning of the floor and the other at the rear. There is a high chance you could find empty toilet units due to the sufficient facilities provided. 

3) Toilet located in an obscure area: Some public areas have situated their toilet facilities at obscure areas making it challenging for some users to find. When people have to ask around a lot and maybe walk a bit to locate a public facility, a few may be discouraged to go all the way to these units. This increases your chances of finding a quiet toilet area where you can answer the call of nature. 

We may have varying comfort levels when using public toilet facilities. When pressed, it is important to visit the nearest private or public toilet. If you are worried about others listening on the sound that emerges when emptying your bowels, it is best using the above criteria to predict the time and location of quiet public toilets. 


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