Going creative with the sound from a hand dryer in a public toilet




Public toilet hand dryer

At some point, we’ve all used a hand dryer in a public toilet. It seems more pleasant to dry your hands with these dryers than using a common towel or rubbing your wet palms against your jeans. In busy public or portable units, there could be a queue of people waiting to use the dryer with some wanting a completely dry palm and others happy with a partially dry one.

The three common types of toilet hand dryers 

The aim of this article is to discuss how the sound from hand dryers can subdue that from fart and faeces discharge. It is now important to identify the most popular types of hand dryer before exploring their alternative use cases.

1)  Hands under dryer: Activating this model of dryer demands you to approach it head on and requires a palm up – palm down movement. With this type of dryer, air is directed downwards and it is advisable to avoid rubbing your hands together. Rubbing your palms together could lead to the spread of bacteria.

2) Hands-on dryer: These types of dryers are contemporary, user-friendly and powerful in ensuring every dries up effortlessly. The Hands-on dryer has a few motion-sensors which mean moving your palms upwards and downwards or sideways will not deactivate them but will still function at an optimal level. The timers on some of these devices are also useful in prompting for a hands withdrawal.

3) V-shaped blade dryer: These models of hand dryers often blow air in a single direction but usually come in a very sleek design. The V-shaped hand dryers are also growing in popularity in the UK due to their suitability in public restrooms with limited space.

All these dryers have a common denominator and that is sound. Moving your hands’ side to side or up and down will set these devices on as they inhale every drop on your palms. The sound they generate is quite deafening and users with sensitive hearing are believed to have experienced pain, fear, discomfort and anxiety as a result of the sound produced by the high-speed hand dryers. Toilets are usually a quiet zone that makes sound generated from hand dryers or farts seem louder than usual.

Using the sound of hand dryers to subdue that of fart 

A toilet is a common place for all types of fart sounds. When multiple stalls are in use, the sound of fart released could feel like a symphony. When using a urinal, an unexpected fart could be released and leave you in slight embarrassment.

The sound produced by modern day hand dryers could be used to subdue that from your fart. Firstly, if you’re pressed for a poo and suspect there will be the release of some disturbing sound and unpleasant smell. It is best to wait until someone is using the hand dryer before emptying your bowels. On the other hand, if you suspect an uneasy fart brewing within, you can let it out when using the hand dryer. This helps to save you from embarrassment.




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