Do you know you spend about three months of your life in a toilet?




Using the toilet facility is a private moment. It is a time to focus on emptying our bowels in the most systematic and intentional manner. We sometimes utilise the toilet period to catch up on the news, social media or our favourite Netflix series. The frequency of our toilet usage could also be largely influenced by our diet, high fibre and low liquid consumption could likely lead to harder faeces and less frequent toilet visit. On the other hand, some people have a higher tendency to cost the toilet more times after consuming soup, ripe banana, juice, cakes, chilli and fibre supplement. In general, our body reacts differently to a variety of food and drink substances. Nonetheless, using the toilet is a necessity if we have to live.

The average time we spend on these toilet facilities may also be influenced by our habits. We could either visit these units to complete our business in no time. Or, we could utilise our toilet time to reply to work emails or watch a recent YouTube sensation.

Time spent in a toilet during our lifetime 

Research suggests that we spend about three months of our lives in a toilet. These figures could vary slightly as a result of certain factors

Factors that influence the time spent in a toilet during our lifetime 

  1. The cleanliness of the facility: We all love some clean and pleasant toilet facility that is clean and smells quite fresh. When using this clean and freshly scented public toilet unit we tend not to be in a hurry. Our average toilet usage in a lifetime may slightly sway to a higher number if we have been opportune to use more clean and fresh facilities
  2. The demand for the toilet: The demand for toilet usage differs by location and nature of the event.  A toilet situated in a popular music festival will have a longer queue, higher usage and less time spent by users. The more public facilities you use at festivals, sporting events and busy malls, the less average toilet time you are likely to spend. The eventual average time spent in the toilet in your life span could likely be on the lower range of the three months average revealed in the research.
  3. Presence of toilet habits: We all exhibit a variety of toilet habits. The prevalence of these behaviours could make us spend more or less time than the average user. A good example of such habits is reading a book while doing a number two. An interesting novel could easily leave us captivated and prolong the time we spend in a toilet.
  4. Lack of planning: Using a public toilet effectively requires planning. It is important you check that there are sufficient rolls in your stall before doing your business. Failing to do this could leave you spending more time to source for toilet paper from a different stall.

A toilet is an inevitable place where we need to answer the call of nature. The total toilet usage time we spend in our lifetime is largely influenced by the above factors and more. Is your total toilet usage time on the high or low range of the three months revealed by the research?


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