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Sinks are a common feature in most toilets and kitchens. You may have seen these portable sinks  in different shapes, dimensions, colours, and overall appearance. Some may have two separate taps for hot and cold water. Or a tap with two knobs representing hot and cold water. For that kitchen sink enthusiast, some types include Double basin bowl sinks, single basin bowl sinks), farmhouse sinks, drainboard sinks, Island sinks, low dividers, integrated sinks, and more. 

These sinks may differ slightly in style and appearance, but all have the same functionality and are generally used for washing hands, dishwashing, and general purposes. Many of these sinks have a plumbing fixture fixed to a given location. Can you imagine waking up to realize your bathroom sink has moved from the far left to the near left angle of your bathroom? That’ll be a bit frightening, and you’d want to think about the possible reasons for the change of location, as these standard sinks are always fixed to the given site. The situation is very different with portable sinks. It is okay to expect them to move from one location to another. Let’s look into portable sinks, use cases, and benefits. 

Benefits of portable sinks 

By design, portable sinks are manufactured to provide people with handwashing stations and access to hot and cold running water. It is usually used in places that need running water and plumbing access. Here are some of the benefits: 

1) Very convenient: One of the superpowers most people wouldn’t mind having is getting things to you with a simple snap of the fingers. You get almost the same with a portable sink. These self-contained sinks can easily be transported or wheeled to any location. Whether indoor or outdoor environments

2) Zero installation: an experienced plumber is expected to install a sink in about four to five hours. With a portable wash basin, it is swift. The units can be easily moved to the chosen location and plugged into a standard electrical outlet for onward use. It is as easy as that; you do not have to wait several hours for it to be ready for use. 

3) Reduced traffic in busy toilets: Only some people visit a public restroom to complete a number one or two. All some individuals want to do is wash their hands from food residue or dirt. In this case, placing a portable sink away from the designated toilets will help reduce the traffic and crowdedness around the restrooms.

4) Enhanced hygiene: Portable sinks give people a good reason to maintain a high standard of personal hygiene. People have fewer reasons to walk around with dirty palms after a shift or shake hands with dirt lurking around one’s fingers. A portable sink makes washing hands one of the easiest tasks ever, as users do not have to walk a long distance to find a restroom to wash their hands. The mobile basins can be kept at crucial locations on the actual site. 

 5) Low maintenance: Portable sinks are easy to maintain and require no technical know-how from whoever hires the units. Their capacity ranges from 5 to 7 gallons and can serve between 60 to 80 washes. Very easy to clean due to the material used in manufacturing the units. 


Portable sinks can be used in different areas or locations due to their mobile and low maintenance capability. 

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