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We guess that you’ve used a portable toilet at some point. Or, notice one at your favourite festival event. Mobile toilet units are pretty standard in places with limited facilities. These units are designed with varying facilities depending on the use case and the nature of the event. Some units may be more suitable for construction sites than a community funfair event.

Regardless of the event types, portable toilet units are specifically designed to be facilities where human liquid and solid waste are released. You are expected to feel better after using one of these toilets unless dealing with a severe form of constipation.

You will often find standard site portable toilets equipped with features such as coat hook, mirror, recirculating chemical flush, freshwater hand basin, integral vents, and a host of other attributes. We will be exploring the benefits of an essential vent system in a portable toilet. Maybe, you did not notice the last portable toilet you used had a vent. 

The benefit of an integral vent in a portable toilet:

In a conventional toilet scenario, plumbing vent pipes are usually located on the roof of the building. Usually distant from the windows or air-conditioning units to ensure fumes are effectively dissipated. These vents are built into the existing portable toilet unit and are not an afterthought. Here are some of the benefits: 

1) Removing the moisture from the portable unit: Moisture can quickly develop from the heat discharged from the hot tap. Also, when cold surfaces in these units come in contact with their warm counterparts, humid air or condensation is expected to build up. In most circumstances, condensation can result in water droplets, leading to the build-up of moulds. Moulds usually produce allergens and irritants that can easily cause allergic reactions such as runny nose, red eyes, and sneezing. In these circumstances, the toilet vent will come to the rescue. An effective one can extract the condensation from these surfaces to ensure the facilities are pleasant for the subsequent user. The emergence of mould is thus prevented. 

2) Control and eliminate toilet odour: portable toilets that are regularly use are bound to smell unless adequately maintained. Some mobile toilet hire companies may resolve to utilise air fresheners or scents to mitigate the obnoxious odour from these units. The presence of a built-in vent system can also serve as a suitable mechanism for extracting the foul toilet smell 

3) Reducing fumes from toilet cleaning materials: Portable toilets are regularly cleaned to ensure a hygienic state. A common chemical found in some toilet cleaning agents is ammonia and VOCs. These chemical agents can irritate the throat, eyes, and respiratory systems. That can also cause skin irritation and migraines. The vent is also crucial in reducing the negative impacts of these elements. 

The next time you see an in-built toilet vent, you’d realise they can singularly enhance the portable toilet experience.

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