The benefits of wiping with your non-dominant hand whilst using the toilet




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What’s your dominant hand? Left or right? There is a concept known as handedness. Wondering what that means? It focuses on our preference for using a specific hand for optimal performance. When engaging in an activity that requires the use of one hand, we subconsciously utilise our preferred which should produce a better output. Think of a game of table tennis or badminton, what hand are you most likely to use to swing the bat or racquet? It is an indication of your handedness – right or left. The hand you are less likely to use when participating in these activities will be regarded as your non-dominant hand. 

Right-handedness is the most common with 90% of individuals considered to be more effective with this hand. With these stats, it is clear that there are fewer left-handed individuals in comparison to their right-handed counterparts. Nonetheless, there are interesting findings of individuals who are more prone to use their left hand in given activities. They are considered to have a higher level of intelligence, more susceptible to migraines, suffer sleep deprivations and a higher chance of having allergies. Overall, we have a higher liking for one arm over the other. This also applies to our time in toilets – private or public and fixed or portable. Our stronger hand is often called upon to effectively take care of business. 


The Handedness effect on toilet usage 

A common truth in life is that all left-handed and right-handed individuals use the toilet. Our hand preference becomes prominent when we are about to wipe our backside from every waste.  Instinctively, you tend to use the stronger or more active hand to achieve a thorough clean. This is never a surprise as effectiveness and hygiene precision is key during this task. Have you ever tried wiping with your weaker hand? There are some benefits and life lessons when opting to clean with your non-dominant hand. 


Benefits of wiping with your non-dominant hand

  1. Helps you become more present: Life usually moves at a frantic pace. It is hard to keep up with all the emails, text messages and client demands. This contributes to poor toilet habits like checking your email whilst emptying your bowels. The lure and admiration of multitasking have contributed to individuals engaging in activities distracted. We ask people how they are doing but mentally check out before they respond. Opting to wipe with your weaker hand helps you to be mentally present at the current activity.
  2. Fosters a growth mindset: Some folks will frown at an idea of wiping with a non-dominant arm. To these individuals, it will be simply inhibiting to use one’s non-dominant hand to wipe. For others, it is a challenge that is worth experimenting for personal development.  
  3. Strengthen the non-dominant arm: When you elect to use your less preferred arm, it is an opportunity to train its muscles. This can prove vital in the event of an injury or numbness to the preferred arm. 


It is important to note the ultimate aim of wiping is to ensure you leave the toilet free from the unwanted remnants. A decision to use a non-dominant hand is encouraging as long as you can achieve a thorough clean.

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