The most hygienic way to handle your backpack whilst in a public toilet.




In today’s fast-paced and mobile world, our bags or backpacks have become part of our everyday look. For the ladies, the handbag is very useful as it is a carrier of personal belongings. The backpack or rough sack is commonly used by most men and women. For men, it is easier using the urinals with one’s backpack worn on their back. For toilet stalls with a firm hook, placing one’s back pack on these units is a safe and hygienic option. What do you do when the stalls have no hook or they are simply broken?

Hygienic and safe ways to manage your back pack when toilet hooks are broken or missing

1) Give your backpack to a friend before using the restroom: This is always the safest bet when you’ve got your partner, family member or friend with you. You’ll be at ease that the backpack will be safe and in a hygienic state.

2) Placing your backpack on your thigh: This is a good option when you’ve got no friend or family member nearby. Having your bag safely resting on your thighs ensures it not on the floor or come in contact with any section of the toilet facility.

3) Shrug it underneath your arm: For smaller bags or backpacks, you can also safely place them underneath your arm to prevent any contact with the floor or toilet unit. When you’re ready for a wipe or flush you could carefully have it worn on your back.

4) Wear your backpack on your back: It is possible to have your backpack worn on your back when doing a number two. It might be more comfortable if you’re seated slightly tilted forward to make enough room for your backpack and prevent it from coming in contact with the toilet seat cover.

5) Portable toilet bag hook: You could take it a step further and acquire a portable toilet hook that could be used in facilities where and when necessary. Having these portable toilet hooks with you at all times will help prevent the anxiety that could arise when faced with washrooms with missing or broken hooks.

7) Look for a nearby restroom with provision for hooks: If you are about to use a toilet facility in a train station but realised all the toilets have missing hooks, you could check nearby places. Some of these nearby public places could be shopping malls and restaurants and may have facilities with hooks that will enhance your experience.

The thought of leaving a backpack on the floor of a toilet may not be too hygienic for most and the abovementioned tips will be useful. During outdoor events such as music festival, races, summer weddings and parties, portable toilet facilities could be hired and used. These portable facilities are fitted with sturdy hooks that could be used for your coats, backpacks or race bags. You wouldn’t have to worry about hygiene or safety as the bags are within your safe watch and are not on the floor.


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