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There are portable public toilets found across the world and at a variety of events. These units are either bought or hired as an addition to existing facilities or the sole washroom. Regardless, not all portable units are the same – some are more equal than others. Some units are urinals while others like the site portable unit are designed with a freshwater washing hand basin.

An in-built basin can elevate the portable toilet experience to the next level. Especially in very practical settings like construction sites, running events and festivals. We suppose you’ve had the opportunity of using a washbasin in a public facility and have some degree of understanding of its essence. Nonetheless, we will explore some of the benefits of having one in a portable facility.


Benefits of a portable toilet basin

Nature usually calls without seeking our permission. When the need to use a toilet arises, we are at the mercy of the nearest facility. At festivals or construction sites, the mobile unit is our best shot for relieving ourselves from the discomfort of a number one or two. Here are some key benefits of washbasin.

1) Safe place to wash our hands: The toilet is the appropriate place for the release of unwanted human waste. Our hands are usually busy in the entire process. From using our hands to undo our belts to wiping and fastening the belt buckle in place. Hands should be washed with soap and water to kill faecal bacteria. Your hands are also expected to feel fresh and smell good after a proper wash. The toilet washbasin allows the effective washing of hands. A portable unit with a basin makes it easy for most toilet users to heed the hygiene 101 advice of washing hands after doing a number one or two.

2) Appropriate space for brushing one’s teeth: brushing the teeth is a daily habit that is vital in the prevention of gum disease. Brushing helps in the removal of plaque which in turn prevents the build-up of cavities. Imagine you’re attending a leading festival in Europe with a few thousand attendees spending a night or two in the campsite. Attendees will adopt a variety of means to brush their teeth. The portable toilet equipped with a washbasin will be an ideal place to effectively brush one’s teeth and maintain oral hygiene that will make other attendees that interact with you gladly. No one likes to be at the receiving end of oral hygiene that has gone wrong or ignored.

3)Travel laundry purposes: Festival and other camping activities will present several laundry related challenges. Imagine, you’ve just danced to your favourite artist and your clothes are soaked in perspiration. A running tap or a bottle of water can be a great starting point in relieving you from all the festival dirt. 

4) Face washing use case: sometimes, we need to freshen up things to elevate our mood. A busy and dusty day at the construction site may require some face wash. In this sort of circumstance, a washbasin is the best place to clean your face from all the dirt and earth residue. 

The freshwater washing hand basin is a big relief for most outdoor situations. You can utilise these basins to the optimal level.


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