The power of hygienic posters in public toilet facilities




inspiring toilet posters

Public toilets are a great place to pass across an important message. It could a great place to create awareness on recycling or endangered species. Some facilities provide advertising slots in public toilet as there is generally a good degree of dwell time in these facilities. Posters could be around any noble theme that will resonate with the toilet users. Portable toilets at sporting events like marathons and triathlons can have posters that inspire the participants with captions like ‘Just don’t quit’ or ‘Stay in your lane and run your race.’

There are some inspiring bathroom posters on Pinterest and one of these reads ‘Be your own kind of beautiful.’ This could be placed close to the mirror of the female or gender neutral facility. Subtly reminding users that they are all beautiful in their unique ways is refreshing and could be the brightest spark of a challenging day. For a busy public toilet facility, where queues can be longer and patience level at a low point, a poster that reads ‘be a warrior and not a worrier’ will be relevant. Someone pissed off about using the toilet can be encouraged by a poster with a saying ‘This is where the magic happens.’ It reminds users that the public toilet or restroom is a place of transformation. You visit these facilities pressed and uncomfortable from a number or two and leave relieved after emptying your bladder or bowels.  It is important to look at some popular sayings from


Some toilet etiquette poster messages:

  • Sit, wipe, flush and wash: As humans, it is relaxing being reminded about the steps required in a project, exercise or puzzle. Subconsciously, we know sitting comes before wiping. As sitting precedes the emptying of the unwanted waste in our bowels. There has been occasions when people have stepped out of a stall without flushing. On other occasions, users flush but dash out without washing their hands. A toilet poster that highlights the critical stages of the toilet journey serves as a reminder for people and will likely reduce the incidents of unflushed toilets or unwashed hands.
  • You never appreciate what you have till it’s gone (toilet paper is an example): Some toilet etiquette reminds us to appreciate what we’ve got in life like a toilet paper. Appreciating a toilet paper requires efficient use and avoiding practices like placing them on the toilet sit before doing your business. It means you only take what is needed and ensure there is sufficient before sitting to complete a number two.
  • Do not throw anything in the toilet. Unless you have eaten it first: This is quite an interesting reminder as the disposal of inappropriate materials or objects can lead to clogged drains. The toilet is mean for our body waste like urine and excreta and could be escorted by toilet papers. Anything outside this core could lead to an invitation of a plumber.
  • Please aim and stand closer: The urinal section of some public toilets looks flooded with urine. Some men prefer urinating by standing slightly further off the urinals. This leads to splashes and missed targets. Standing closer to the urinal reduces the incidents of urine flood in public facilities.

Overall, bathroom posters are a great way of inspiring toilet users and stirring standard toilet etiquette.

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