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The thought of using certain public toilet facilities can instil a bit of dread or fear in us. The public location of these units and the frequency of how they are used determines our level of apprehension in potentially using them. Queuing to use a portable toilet unit at a popular music festival could leave us with uncertainty as to the state of the facility. We might be in luck if the mobile units are regularly emptied and have sufficient fragrance or air fresheners.

Whilst public toilets facilities are mostly found in train stations, shopping malls, restaurants, sporting events and music festivals. One of the key places you can also find communal toilets are in airports. Based on experience, airports have one of the best-maintained facilities. Even busy airports like Heathrow, maintain very clean and nicely scented toilets.

Airport operators are recognising the significance of clean toilets to overall customer satisfaction. This has led to the introduction of technological approaches to the cleaning and maintenance of these facilities to a high standard. An Airport Service Quality and cleanliness report reveals that hygienic and clean restrooms and airport terminals have the greatest impact on travellers’ airport ratings. This research was conducted by the Industry Group Airport Councils International (ACI).

A major airport like Heathrow reports a daily passenger average of 261, 909 and an annual count of 80.1 million. With this level of traffic volume, maintaining a hygienic terminal and toilet facilities are important to help in preventing the spread of bacterias and continually ensure customers relish the airport experience. The state of airport toilets is quite evident for long haul travellers who have a decent transit time and require a conducive environment to refresh and rest before continuing their journey.

Most airports have toilets situated at both the departure and arrival section of the terminals.  They are located in areas of clear visibility and easy access. These toilets become necessary due to the below reasons.

Reasons why airport toilets are needful:

Toilets, in general are necessary for most public locations because of the need to do a number one or two. There are common reasons and beliefs on why people will increasingly use a toilet facility located at an airport.

1) Flight delays and long haul: Adverse weather conditions, strike actions, mechanical faults and a host of reasons could lead to plane delays. With these delays, we spend more wait time at the terminals or boarding gates. This leads to an increase in the use of toilets. Long haul flights may have a transit time of about 5 to 7 hours. These increase the need for airport toilets.

2) Limited use of aeroplane toilets: Some travellers find it uncomfortable to complete a number two in an aeroplane toilet. This leads to holding out until the plane lands before using the facility provided at the airport.

3) Preventing the waste of drinking water: Most airports restrict the passage of water bottles or containers. Travellers with a high appreciation of drinking water and a low tolerance of waste are more likely to drink all of the remainders before discarding the empty bottle. This could lead to more urinating in the provided airport toilet.

Most toilets in airports are maintained to a very high standard and travellers always feel comfortable using these provided facilities.

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