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toilet seat squeak

We expect some noise when using a public toilet. It could be from the flush, door lock, air ventilation system, etc. You shouldn’t be surprised if the noise produced from emptying one’s bowels surpasses any other noise generated from the general use of toilet facilities. Most people like to ensure quiet when handling their business at a mobile or fixed unit. Toilet seats can be very quiet as they are regularly used daily.

On the contrary, some seats can make squeaky sounds, leaving some users displeased and mulling over a noisy toilet experience. Here is an example of a squeaking sound. Have you ever used a public toilet seat that had a squeaky effect? It could irritate some public toilet users who expect a smooth toilet experience. 

Why do toilet seats make a squeaking noise? 

The squeaky noise may happen to new toilets and their old counterparts. Hinges on the new seat may be extremely tight and more likely to generate uninvited sound for new public facilities. As users regularly open and close the lid, it will loosen up and intensify the squeaky effect. Barely sitting down on the toilet seat can also lead to noise. This situation becomes worse when we fail to address it promptly.

In most cases, the looseness of the seat is mainly responsible for this state. How do you fix this issue? You won’t have to bother resolving this issue yourself if using a public toilet. You’ll only need to point this out to a staff member or management.  


Fixing the toilet squeak

Not every toilet issue warrants intervention from a plumber. Issues such as a sewer line clog, worn flapper valves, loose connections, or worn washer bolts may require the assistance of a plumbing specialist. We could put our DIY skills into practice for a squeaky toilet seat. David Burkus, “This is a hard truth for some to accept: a lack of resources may not be their true constraint, just a lack of resourcefulness.” Resourcefulness and some bit of research will always be essential to putting an end to the squeaky sound. There are videos and articles online with valuable tips on the most effective ways to fix the squeak. All you need is a lubricant. A dry spray-based household lubricant will be sufficient in this case as long it is thoroughly applied to the hinges. 

After using the spray lubricant, it is recommended to gently open and close the toilet seat until the hinges are adequately covered in the applied lubricant. 

It is a simple way to fix the toilet seat squeak. As mentioned earlier, staff, management, or the portable toilet hire company will be responsible for addressing the situation in a public toilet setting. 


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