The toilet experience when portable units are placed beside a tree




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Hiring a portable toilet unit is quite important for different events and construction projects. Usually, the placement or location of these units is quite important from an accessibility and hygienic perspective. It is not exciting or enjoyable having a toilet unit next to a barbecue grill. Imagine biting into your chicken bugger and someone opens the door of a unit that stinks. I am sure the taste and aroma of your burger will be overwhelmed by the unpleasant smell from the mobile unit.

On the other hand, imagine a toilet is placed a long distance from the event centre or activity hub. You’ll have to walk over 200 metres to use the unit. This journey will no doubt enhance your standing in the Fitbit walking challenge with your friends but the discomfort endured whilst embarking on this journey could be quite demanding. On the whole, striking a balance between both is important. Ensuring toilets are not too far from the event attendees and not too close to refreshment or catering areas is important. In some cases, portable toilet units are placed close to a tree and we will explore how this decision could impact the overall toilet experience.


The impact of placing portable toilet units beside a tree

  1. It makes it more of a resting area than a toilet section: Sometimes we want the toilet area to feel like a resting hut or shelter. Placing a toilet beside a tree adds a relaxation element to the toilet experience. You tend to feel the portable unit is more than a mere toilet but part of nature due to the shadowing effects of the tree. The green element and natural sensation relaxes every anxiety from using a shared public facility.
  2. Improvement of air quality. Trees are believed to enhance the quality of the air by filtering atmospheric pollutants such as nitrogen and sulphur dioxide. They also act as a shade for surfaces and reduce temperatures where necessary. The air quality around a portable unit will be enhanced when placed close to a tree. Users are bound to experience slightly cleaner air when using these facilities. 
  3. Lessen the force of storm: Event organisers usually check the weather forecast when planning for a race, festival or outdoor social gathering. Weather forecast can change for the worse days before an event. In the event of a storm during an event, using a portable unit placed close to a tree can help reduce the impact of the boisterous wind. It makes using the facilities more comfortable and less frightening in the face of a storm. Although, most units are built with a great degree of stability to withstand the unsettling effects of a storm. 
  4. Easy landmark for direction to the toilet: When you are pressed for a number one or two, receiving directions could be difficult. Our senses and mental components may have been stretched with the desire to empty our bladders or bowels. With this in mind, we need signs to locate the portable toilet units. In some cases, natural landmarks like trees will be useful when receiving a verbal direction from an event attendee or organiser. 

Trees are useful on the planet and are also capable of enhancing the toilet experience. 


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