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public toilet rules

Certain countries in the world are known for having their constitution in uncodified or unwritten format. Canada, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand are famous for operating on unmodified constitutions. You might be wondering what constitutions have to do with using public toilets. Our previous blog provided a gentleman’s guide for using a public toilet. In this piece, we will cover some unwritten rules and expectations when using a public toilet.

These uncodified rules are standard when using some communal toilets at train stations, shopping malls and during events like festivals. When every toilet user ignores these rules, the hygienic standard of the facilities will drop to an unbearable level and lead to a surge in cleaning hours for toilet staff. What are the unwritten rules for using a public toilet?

Unwritten rules for using public toilets 

These rules are expected to be embedded in our consciousness and commonsense requires that we apply them during our regular visits to public facilities

1) Don’t rush, just flush: It is not surprising to meet a toilet unflushed. It is a big turn off for the incoming toilet user. As people generally hesitant using public toilets may lose the urge to use a facility with urine or poop deposits. No one needs deserves to be greeted by an unpleasant residue.

2) Pay a second look after flushing: Some public toilet has poor water pressure. In this case, it might require multiple flushes to clean up your poop. You must leave no trace behind. 

3) Waste is meant to go inside the toilet and not around it: Sitting or squatting in a proper angle is important in ensuring waste goes straight into the facility and not splattering around the toilet bowl. Align your butt properly to prevent poop from finding their way all around the toilet seat 

4) Avoid or limit talking to someone in a toilet stall: Not everyone is great at multitasking. Emptying your bowel and talking at the same time is not the most pleasant of experiences. Using a public toilet is a private experience and it is important to give people the appropriate space and quiet to answer the call of nature.

5) Wash your hands after using the toilet:  Some public toilets leave a reminder for people to wash their hands after doing a number one or two. It is one of the most important unwritten rules of the public toilet.  Ensuring your hands are washed and dried before leaving the facility is non-negotiable. How would you feel if someone gives you a handshake after they’ve used a toilet facility, only to find out they did not watch their hands? Disgust, right? That’s why it is important to wash your hands after taking care of your business.

6) Lock the toilet door when in use: Some public toilets are built with fanciful and maybe complex door locks. You are expected to properly lock your door while doing your business to prevent any unwanted guest and embarrassment.

The above are a few unwritten rules of public toilets. 

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