A few things to consider when running a construction project during winter




winter construction projects

In the UK, construction projects are carried out throughout the year and every season poses its unique challenges. During the winter months, the temperature drops incredibly and daylight is in scarce supply. The advent of dark nights can reduce the number of available working hours at various construction sites in the UK. There is always the impending risk from snow and substantial frost. This creates slightly unfavourable working conditions but could be addressed if the appropriate measures are put in place. It is important to state that the conditions that determine when the construction work is required to be carried out are external and not internal.

Five things to consider during winter construction projects: 

1) Flexible work schedule in response to the weather condition: With longer nights and shorter days coupled with unpredictable frost and snow, construction companies and site managers should consider a flexible work schedule. This work timetable should be designed in response to the weather as this could entail a later start and an early finish of projects. It could also mean an early start whilst it is bright and a mid or late afternoon finish before it gets dark.

2) Protection or covering of cement based products: It is important that all cement based products are properly covered to ensure theydo not get hard or become solid. A great way to ensure this is by using hessian to cover the top layer as it protects against frost and other similar elements. For the hidden second layer, a light polythene sheet could be used as it shields and insulates against snow and rain.

3) High visibility clothing and helmet: To guarantee the health and safety of workers, it is important that high visibility clothing and helmet are used by workers. This is standard practice for most construction sites but it is important that this is maintained even during the winter months. High visibility clothing will safeguard workers by ensuring they are in clear view of other colleagues to prevent any avoidable site accidents. The helmets are also useful to protect workers from sustaining any head injury during the course of their job.

4) Additional lighting: With longer nights, it is important that construction companies provide additional lighting for workers. This will prevent the chances of any site related accident and make sure more working hours are committed to the project.

5) Hiring portable toilets for the site: Humans tend to answer the call of nature more frequently during winter months. This is because of cold diuresis which is a condition that contributes to rapid increase of liquids in our bladder which then prompts the need for a more frequent wee. Hiring portable toilet units for construction projects ensures workers can perform at their optimal level as there are accessible facilities for the execution of a pee or poo as and when the need arises.

Construction projects will always run throughout the year but ensuring the appropriate facilities and adjustments are put in place will increase the likelihood of project completion to the required standard.


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