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Portable toilets are usually hired for various events and projects that may go beyond days and weeks. We understand most events, such as music festivals, marathons, and weddings, may take place for a single day or a couple of days. They are unlikely to go on for weeks, except if it is a special celebration for an anniversary or simply down to popular demand. Most musical festivals are believed to take place for an average of 3 days.

On this basis, the weekly servicing of portable toilets might be more applicable to construction projects as they can last for weeks and months, depending on the project’s size and personnel availability. The average length of time a construction project takes depends on the nature of the work that is required and the size of the area covered. For a mid-sized project covering 1500-2800 square feet, the work will be between 6-9 months. A new construction project or a massive renovation project with sophisticated details spanning an area that ranges between 3,000-5,000 square feet, you would expect this to linger for about 6-9 months. On the higher end of things, the most significant construction works that take [place on more than 5,000 square feet and require specifically skilled workers may exceed 12 months. 

Portable toilets are often hired for construction projects, which can be used during or for a substantial period. Construction projects can go on from several weeks to months and even a few years. Budget and macroeconomic factors can likely extend the duration of projects beyond the estimated times. An essential aspect of a multi-week toilet hire is regular weekly servicing. It is always important to check with your portable toilet hire company if the cost of the weekly service is included in the hire fee. Or if it is just an extra that needs to be paid as required? Let’s quickly dive into the bits included in the weekly servicing of portable toilets. 


Things you should expect in  the weekly servicing of a portable toilet: 

Mobile facilities hired for a more extended period require regular weekly service to ensure the facility is in a decent and usable state. Here are two key activities you should expect from a regular weekly servicing 

  1. Restocking of consumables: We often use paper toilets, hand towels, air fresheners, and other items to make our toilet experience more enjoyable. These items and more are usually replenished during the weekly servicing to ensure people on-site can handle their business in the most natural state. 
  2. Emptying and refilling the recirculating tank with fresh water and chemicals: The portable toilets are different from the standard toilets in various ways. The recirculating tanks should be cleaned during the weekly exercise; water and chemicals are often re-added to these public units. 

The weekly servicing of portable toilets is crucial to ensure the mobile facilities are pleasant or decent for the users.

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