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For some, the liberty of sleeping outdoors is special and can’t be compared to any other experience. It is ideal for families, friends and solo adventurers. The outdoors can be enjoyed if one goes fully prepared without leaving anything to chance. Camping is a popular outdoor adventure that is regularly carried out by enthusiasts or those seeking to break from the comfortable routine or seeking some spark in life. It remains on the bucket list of many as they contemplate planning a perfect camping expedition. There are many tips online for the novice and experienced camper. There are online aggregators with lists of camping and glamping sites you can choose from for your next adventure. These sites and resources have made venturing on a camping trip easier. Hiring a portable toilet could positively impact your camping experience. 


Consider these points before hiring a portable unit for your camping event

You’ve finally decided to embark on the much long-awaited camping trip to the quiet countryside. Wondering on some things to consider before hiring a portable toilet? Here are some important tips that will help you make the right decision. This list is by no means exhaustive but will give you some things to think about for a memorable camping experience. 

  1. The number of people embarking on the camping undertaking: For a group camping event, it is important to understand how many people are expected to make the trip. This will determine if you’ll need to hire one or two facilities. Or, maybe more, if there are multiple families joining forces for a lifetime camping expedition. 
  2. The number of camping nights: Data reveals on an average, a camper spends about 3.4 nights on a trip. You might be planning to spend more or fewer nights in comparison to the national average. Spending more nights could require working a plan with the hiring company to empty and replace the units. Alternatively, a longer stay duration may warrant the hiring of a unit with larger waste and water capacity, 
  3. Nearby and accessible public facilities: It is rare to find a public toilet at a remote campsite that will be available round the clock. In the event of not having an accessible public toilet, hiring a portable or mobile unit will be a no-brainer. 
  4. Dealing with toilet odour: It is important to evaluate the nearness of the public toilet to the camping site and the nature of these facilities. It is useful to seek facilities which will not absorb odours easily and that can be effortlessly cleaned when necessary. Before hiring, you can check with the supplier to ensure odour control materials are sufficiently provided. 

The above tips will guide you in hiring portable toilets for your camping adventure. 


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