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Quora is a popular website where questions are asked on different topics such as technology, politics, economy and waste management. We ran a quick search on some of the popular questions asked about portable toilets hire and management and came up with the ones below:

Some of the questions asked on Quora about portable toilets: 

1) How are portable toilets cleaned?

We wrote a piece that touched on some of the different ways portable toilets are cleaned. A few contributors answered this question and suggested portable toilet cleaning options such as high pressure hot wash, use of deodorisers, anti-bacteria spray, sodium bicarbonate and use of alkaline. Overall, readers were advised that portable toilet hire companies effectively clean and service the units before they are supplied to event organisers or customers.

2) What are the advantages or disadvantages?

Most things in life have both advantages and disadvantages. A good example is our everyday fruits. Fruits have an array of advantages as they contain useful nutrients that are vital for health and maintenance of the body. Fruits can also reduce the risk of health issues like stroke and heart attack. Regardless of the numerous benefits of fruits, there are still a few disadvantages like the upsetting of a sensitive digestive system. Akin to fruits, portable toilets have numerous advantages such as mobility, more cost-effective, variety of colours and types. One of the very few disadvantages highlighted by the contributors is that it is not easy to thoroughly clean these units. This is why it is best you hire them and leave the cleaning and maintenance to the company who supplied the units.

4) How were portable toilets developed?

This was an interesting question posed to gain a good understanding of the history and development of portable toilets.  Portable toilet units were used as far back as a World War 2. In that period, the Elsan Chemical closet was sold at some military stores but was not too popular with the ground and flying military crews. Other early versions of portable or mobile units are the wee bucket toilet and the chamber pot that were used by people years ago. Compost and incineration toilets were also early forms of mobile units used by society. These mobile toilets have now experienced transformation to the modern day look and feel. The core element of the contemporary portable toilet is the lightweight sheet plastic, popularly known as polyethylene. The main toilet unit is made up of this plastic sheet and the holding tank and the pump forms the mobile sewage system.

5) What are the difference between a portable toilet and a restroom trailer?

A user was interested in finding out some key differences between a portable toilet and a restroom trailer. They both serve the same purpose but restroom trailers can also be used as alternatives to cabanas or as a convenient place for changing clothes. In terms of sizes and layouts, there is a clear cut difference between mobile toilets and restroom trailers. Portable toilets come in a variety of sizes and single standalone units that could contain a fresh water hand basin, self contained lighting, recirculation chemical flush and other features. On the other hand, a restroom trailer comes in the form of a single unit comprising single standalone units. It clearly shows the restroom trailers and portable toilet units both perform the same function but it all boils down to the type of event or occasion.

These are a few of the popular questions asked on Quora on portable toilets and there are a few more we will cover in future blogs. .

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