Understanding the logic of flushing the toilet before use




We easily develop habits as humans such as cracking joints, skipping breakfast, biting nails and flushing the toilet before use.  These behavioural patterns such as flushing the toilet before use usually occur subconsciously.  So, why do some people flush the toilet before use?

Possible reasons why toilets are flushed before use

  • The fear of being splashed with remnants from a previous user: There is a possibility of finding remnants or leftovers in private or public toilets. The desire for personal hygiene means certain individuals are likely to flush these facilities before use. Toilets have a tendency to splash upon us when using them and there is always the likelihood of having your butt kissed by the remains of a number one or two from a previous user.
  • The possibility of a shy bladder: Some individuals have socially anxious bladder which raises the need for a flush before toilet use. The sound and peace of mind that comes from a flush could be all that is required to ensure a seamless pee or poo is made.
  • The refreshing feeling of urinating in a self-flushing urinal: Most urinals have an automatic flushing feature which ensures users meet c lean facilities. Some persons love the stimulating feeling that arises when having a wee in a urinal as it flushes. It certainly feels like peeing in a mini waterfall.
  • To subdue other toilet sounds: Some individuals flush a toilet in an attempt to suppress sound from a fart. One has just visited the toilet and releasing a pressing fart is at the fore of your mind before answering a number one or two. This makes the sound from flushing more important than ever.
  • To check if a toilet is clogged before doing: The plumbing setup, water pressure, type of toilet paper and the amount of non-flushable items used can lead to toilet clogging. In extreme cases, the toilet bowl is likely to fill to the brim with flush water and overflow. People may flush a toilet before use to determine if there is a mild clog. It is usually advised to wait for a few minutes for the flushed water level to drop to determine the degree of a clog.
  • Wiping the toilet seat and flushing before using the facility: A good reason why some people flush before using the toilet is that they wipe the toilet seat before doing a poo. For these individuals, it is important to wipe any splash of urine or wastewater splatter before sitting to take care of your business.
  • Public toilet syndrome: The actual thought of using a public toilet facility raises the hygiene awareness level of some individuals to the next level. This leads to behavioural traits like flushing before using a unit. Some of these users only display this habit when using a toilet in public places like malls, train stations and music festivals.

We all have a few toilet habits of some sort and there are rational behind these traits. These are seven possible reasons why people flush before using a toilet facility.


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