What is the hygienic way of hanging a toilet paper – over or under?




There is a never-ending debate on the best and most hygienic way of hanging a toilet paper. You have the under and overs. When a toilet paper is hung in an over position, the loose ends are made to drape over the top and under sees the loose end hanging next to toilet wall.

You’ve been in public toilets where the toilet paper is either hung under or over. Do you know the most hygienic way to hang a toilet paper? Before highlighting the most hygienic way, it is important to note that the most common bacteria found in public facilities are e.coli. This bacteria is usual found and transmitted via human faeces. It is quite easy for e.coli to be transferred from your fingers to the toilet paper and further transmitted to the next user who comes in contact with the toilet paper.

The most hygienic way of hanging a toilet paper 

Hanging a toilet paper under increases the likelihood that deposits of faces could be left on the unused section of the toilet paper. In addition, faeces can also be left on the wall as people reach out for the toilet paper.

On the other hand, hanging the toilet paper means people only touch the toilet paper they need and this will end up being flushed. It is better to walk in to see a toilet paper hung over than under. We have control over his a toilet paper is placed in our homes not have control on how they are placed in a public portable facility at a festival or public toilet at the train station. How do you reduce the chances of coming in contact with  e.coli at a public facility due to meeting a toilet paper placed under?

Simple tips for dealing with a toilet paper placed under

1) Always have a toilet paper in your backpack: Having a toilet paper in your backpack prevents you from using that found in a public facility. You don’t have to worry about how a toilet paper is placed when you come ready with yours.

2) Using facilities with toilet paper dispenser: Some public facilities have toilet paper dispensers where there is little or no space for our fingers to come in contact with the unused section of the roll.  These dispensers are ideal in public facilities due to heavy use. They hold large volumes of multi-flat or bulk pack tissue paper which prevents constant replacement. Overall, this dispensers helps prevent the ‘under and ‘over dilemma when using public facilities.

3) Using wet pipes: Certain people suggest using wet wipes are a great and hygienic alternative to toilet paper.  Health experts suggest using toilet paper alone can leave faeces behind and an excessive use could cause urinal tract infections.


These are three different ways of dealing with a toilet paper hanging under.

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