What scrunching or folding your toilet paper says about you!




folding or scrunching toilet paper

Our habits or subconscious behaviours say a lot about our personality or state of mind. This also applies to our general use of private, public toilet facilities and hired mobile toilet units. The toilet paper is a common feature in every toilet and is treated differently by people.

After emptying our bowels, we usually reach for the toilet paper and rip a handful for a good and thorough wipe. Some take their time to fold neatly before use whilst others scrunch. The way these two groups handle the toilet paper highlights the unique characteristics of their behaviour. Let’s now explore the difference between the scrunchers and folders.


The toilet paper scrunchers and folders 

1) Carefree vs Careful: It is easy to guess the folders appear to be more careful than the scrunchers. People, who tend to fold their toilet paper before use, treat things with more care than scrunchers. Their apartments or houses are likely to be tidy and they find it hard to stand scrunched toilet paper users. On the other hand, scrunchers are careless and untidy to some degree. This group of toilet users considers the folders to be perfectionist and a bit over the top.

2) Patient vs Impatient: It takes more time to fold than scrunch a toilet paper. This is why folders are likely to be more patient and tolerant than scrunchers. The scrunchers can’t spend the extra seconds to fold a toilet paper neatly, hence the hasty grab and wipe attitude. This is not generalising that every scruncher is impatient and all folders are patient but to a larger degree.

3) Awareness vs Less Awareness: Some people have better presence of mind than others. They think and act in the present whilst others may have their mind going back and forth whilst using the facility. Folders are aware of their surroundings, in this instance the toilet facility. They are intentional about treating the toilet paper with care and wipe thoroughly. The scrunchers may have their thought on the dinner date and how sad their boss was whilst wiping at the same time.

4) Planners vs Non-Planners: As humans, we’ve got instincts and some use this to the full while others plan and utilise this efficiently. Toilet paper folders are likely to be better planners than scrunchers. They have better attention to details and are very intentional about when and how they use the toilet. Toilet paper scrunchers may have little time to spare when using a facility. They may have eaten the wrong combination of meal that may have instigated a sudden visit to the facility.

5) Hygiene vs Less Hygiene conscious: We tend to achieve a more efficient and effective wipe

when the toilet paper is folded and used properly. The folders love their personal hygiene and are convinced folding the toilet paper will ensure a cleaner back side. Their scrunching counterparts can accept the minimal level of hygiene.

6) Efficient vs Less Efficient: More toilet rims will be used when we scrunch than fold. Folders believe in making the best use of little. These group of people are more efficient and are likely to be advocates of reduce, reuse and recycle. There is a likelihood they are better money managers than scrunchers. Being frugal is almost in the DNA of folders.

We all use a toilet paper in the comfort of our private toilets or in hired portable toilets at a music festival or sporting event. Regardless of the location or nature of the toilet in use, we are either folders or scrunchers of toilet paper. Do you always fold or scrunch? Or does it depend on the state of the facility and how much time you have to spare?


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