When chatting in a public toilet could be suffocating




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There are great places for catching up on the latest football, politics or Game of Thrones episode. Even coffee shops have become a great atmosphere for sharing business ideas and bonding with people of similar ideas and values. The public toilet is the least desirable place to hold sustained dialogue with a friend or colleague. As these toilet units are designed for completing our business.  The business of having a pee or poo is one that is natural and needs to be done privately. Even the most sociable or extroverted desire alone or quiet moments when emptying their bladder or bowels.

The Quiet toilet experience

The most common sound you’ll find in most public toilets is that from a flush, door lock, footsteps, ringtone, flowing tap or hand dryer. There is the occasional sound from people exchanging pleasantries. Shared toilet facilities are not like local pubs where there are unending and resounding voices. What do you do when your quiet toilet experience gets interrupted by a colleague, friend or stranger interested in breaking the human silence? You are either polite enough to maintain the exchange but likely suffocate slightly on the fumes produced by waste and air fresheners.

Struggling with the toilet fumes whilst maintaining a conversation in a public toilet

Having a meaningful and maybe lengthy conversation in a public toilet is never an easy experience. As you are most likely going to deal with the fumes that have engulfed the facility. Imagine, you’ve just completed a number two and about to escape from the smell you’ve deposited in the stall and the entire facility. As you’re about to dash off, a colleague walks in and you’ve got no choice but to exchange quick pleasantries. Your co-worker is not in a mood for a quick conversation but continues talking about the football team you both follow. The sad thing is that they are almost choking on their words as they analyse the English premier league top four finish. You are left with a look of embarrassment and disappointment, knowing the smell from your poo and the accompanying air spray is making it hard for your colleague to speak smoothly. You feel quite bad and considering excusing yourself as a way to cut the conversation short.

This is why engaging in a lengthy conversation in a shared toilet is never ideal. As other toilet users about having a poo may feel uncomfortable. It is best to continue the conversation when both parties are out of the toilet facility for better concentration and engagement.

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