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Portable facilities are life savers when pressed in life, whether during an outdoor event or while exploring public attractions. It is not a surprise that we sigh of relief and look forward to a more eventful day after spotting mobile units nearby. Usually, the walk towards the portable toilet comprises mental processing of the queues, availability of facilities, and their general state. The sight of a few people queuing to use the restroom is a good sign that indicates their availability. On the other hand, failing to identify anyone around the mobile facilities may signal their unavailability or just an off-peak moment for toilet use. Have you ever arrived at a layout of portable toilets and noticed only one was available? 


Surprisingly, a queue has built up in front of the only available facility. Due to the emerging queue, you’d generally expect more toilets to be opened up. Unfortunately, to your surprise, only one unit is available for all genders and every toilet use case. This could leave you wondering why everyone is forced to wait to use a single toilet when there are other options. What could be the possible thinking or reason for this situation? As you can imagine, this action is never taken by the council, event organisers, or management to make people suffer. There is some form of rationale and thought behind this decision to ensure things run smoothly. Let’s quickly explore some possible reasons why only a single portable toilet is made available amidst other facilities.


Possible reasons for the availability of a single portable unit amid other units

  1. Some units require emptying: The likelihood of this is slim as one world expects portable toilet hire companies to have the arrangement to empty toilet units in a hygienic and timely fashion. If broken-down toilet removal vehicles or some operational issue occurs, it will not be a surprise to have units locked and awaiting emptying. 
  2. Poor prediction of the off-peak toilet usage period: At some sites, toilets may be made available according to demand prediction. When a lot of people are expected to require the facilities, more of them could be made available, and when there is expected to be off-peak usage, a few units are only made available for use. 
  3. Budget or economic reasons: Some organisers or site managers may have a strict budget regarding the total number of mobile units they can hire and use at a given period. Limiting users to a single or a few facilities is a good way of reducing the need to empty and clean multiple facilities. 
  4. To limit the public use of the facilities: When users realise only a single mobile unit is available, they may need help to handle their business. At this stage, they will be processing mentally to determine if waiting in line is better than looking for the next available toilet facility. Shutting off the other toilets will reduce the estimated number of people meant to use the toilet facilities and reduce the frequency and need for emptying and cleaning. 

Overall, these are some reasons why only a single portable toilet is made available in many other units.

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