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Using the toilet is a daily occurrence. It is one of those gifts of nature we take for granted until a situation arises when we are deprived of handling our business due to a medical condition or lack of facilities. It’s a private moment that we relish the most in our facilities or a clean unit with limited traffic. With the right conditions using the toilet is a breeze. A breath of fresh air when there are contemporary facilities and few people to listen to our bowel sounds. 

The call of nature comes at a varying level of intensity. Sometimes, in our mind, failing to locate a facility in about five minutes of wonderings can send the shivers of an impending accident down our spines. We visit a toilet with an idea of the amount and nature of poop to be discharged. After having a massive dinner at the pub on the previous night, we would anticipate some degree of discharge when pressed for a number two.

Our metabolism is like a book and we’ve generated some degree of understanding as to how the wonderful bowel releases its waste. There is an idea of the average time it should take us to poop and how many flushes required. What happens when we discharge more than anticipated and it takes more time than our monthly average? This is not a mathematical exercise expecting you to manipulate some data on a spreadsheet. It is just releasing a thought process and playing out a scenario we are likely to find ourselves in at some point. 


Three ways your poop can exceed your expectation:


  • The difficulty or ease of release: Constipation and diarrhoea can happen to anyone. Sometimes we visit a toilet and it becomes a real effort to let out the human waste. Other times they come flying before we’ve properly sat on the toilet seats. These are both conditions that can exceed our toilet expectation. We may have anticipated a normal toilet experience with the ease and steady release of poop but become shocked with the difficulty or super-quick release of waste. 
  • The time required to complete our business: We all have a rough idea of the time required to do a number two. There are moments when it takes us five or ten minutes longer to empty our bowels. On rare occasions, it could take considerably longer to answer the higher call of nature. 
  • The amount of waste generated: We can be surprised by the mountain of poop released by us. The sheer volume of waste is likely to exceed our expectations when we have been having our daily poop moments. It might feel like discharging a month-long amount of waste at once. 


How to prepare for poop exceeding your expectations.

It is hard to prepare for certain occurrences in life. Notwithstanding, it is always important to visit a toilet knowing your discharge could exceed your expectations.  Here are some tips to help you prepare if the above three examples occur. 

  • Allow sufficient time: We understand rush hour at a train station or half time break in a football stadium may present challenging situations. You can plan by using the toilet during quiet times to ensure you effectively release all the due waste.
  • Multiple flushes: Some stools can stubbornly plant themselves in a brave position. This will require multiple flushes to ensure they are washed down the bowl. 
  • Use the toilet brush if necessary: Leaving a remnant behind will negatively impact the toilet experience of other users. It is important to clean with a toilet brush accompanied by a strong flush. Toilets should be left better than how they were met. 



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