Why do some people never change the toilet roll?




replacing toilet rolls

We have written a few blogs on toilet rolls and the different habits linked to this essential item.  It is almost catastrophic to complete a number 2 and suddenly realise there is insufficient or absence of toilet roll. There are some individuals who are comfortable using toilet rolls and have a habit of not replacing them. On the flip side, there are a few who always take up the burden of changing these.

Possible reasons why some people never replace the toilet roll:

  • An upbringing issue: Some parents tolerate certain habits from their kids. These habits could include not replacing the toilet paper, poking of the nose and failing to say thank you. When parents fail to address these behaviours when the kids are young, they grow up exhibiting these traits to a higher degree. Whilst there is no universal template to parenting, it is very important for kids to be taught the reason why the roll needs replacement. A review of online platforms revealed that some parents fine their kids $1 every time they fail to replace the toilet paper. Others go an extra mile and decide not to change it, with the hope of helping the child realise the importance of replacing the rolls. It is important to employ the appropriate and most reasonable measure in helping your child get into the habit of changing the toilet papers.
  • A self-centred issue: Certain folks are always thinking about themselves. It is like an “I” or “Me” syndrome. The lack of consideration or concern for others could regularly lead to failure to replace toilet papers when they’ve been used up. When we are always caught up with our needs we are blinded by those of others. Others, in this case, will be people sharing a private or public facility with us. Making deliberate effort to be considerate and thoughtful to the needs of others will ensure the roll is replaced whenever we realise the need. The conscious baby steps towards being less self-focused could be in giving our time, gifts and volunteering in our local community. Partaking in such activities will develop a more considerate virtue which can also extend to our toilet usage and replacement habits.
  • A laziness issue: We could be too lazy to go for a run, complete the university coursework or replace the toilet roll. Laziness can easily transcend into areas like our toilet habits or mannerisms. With laziness, we tend to magnify the task and time and minimise our ability. This can easily lead to procrastination. The thought of planning to replace the rolls after having our lunch, completing a Facebook post or watching the football match, could lead to having it never completed. It is important we take the first step of reaching out for the toilet roll when we notice it requires replacements. Taking that first step quashes any possibility of procrastination
  • An interpretation or perspective issue: Replacing toilet rolls could mean different things to a variety of people. To some, replacing toilet roll means removing the old tube and replacing them with a new one whilst a few replace the new one on the old one. In this piece, replacing a roll means removing the old one placing the new one in the holder. Philip Stanhope once said: “Whatever is worth doing at all is what doing well.”

These are the common reasons why certain people have the habit of failing to replace the toilet paper in toilets.


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