Why event toilets are more durable than most portable toilets




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Portable toilets are useful on a variety of occasions and events. They are designed and assembled for the particular nature of use. These could include construction sites and events such as music festivals, outdoor weddings, marathons, fundraisers, etc. These toilets have unique characteristics to meet the need of the dedicated use case – events or construction sites. For example, event mobile toilets usually have features such as recirculating chemical flush, integral vents, double toilet roll holder, hand-operated flushing system, integral door luck, translucent roof and ventilation, and many other features. 

Have you ever seen or used a portable toilet at a music festival or outdoor wedding ceremony? Did the facility look and feel durable? Most event toilets are designed to have a tough or long-lasting feel. We will explore why event portable toilets are expected to have a sturdy build.

Reasons event portable toilets are expected to be more durable.

  1. Higher volume of use due to larger attendance: Large events such as a music festival, a world marathon major, or a high-profile luxury wedding may have more people in attendance and use the facility than a home extension project in a suburb. With more people required to use these units, a key feature of durability will ensure they are less likely to be sidelined due to a breakdown or decorated with an ‘out-of-order sticker. 
  2. Higher frequency of use due to food and drink: At a running event, participants usually consume lots of fluids and gels that contain a combination of glucose and fructose. Bananas, oranges, and jelly babies are also commonly taken at these running events. Major music festivals provide attendees with delicious food and refreshing drinks. For example, there are over 400 food traders at the Glastonbury music festival with world cuisines such as Vietnamese, Italian, Caribbean, Turkish, and a host of others. People are more likely to poop and pee more often when there is food and drink at a music event. 
  3. High possibility of poor toilet manners: We interact with toilets differently, possibly due to our upbringing or habit. Some people treat public restrooms with respect, from general hygiene standards to the force applied when the door is closed. There is a smooth and rough way to how these units are handled. In a significant event with a variety of users, there is a tendency to have a good volume of users that do not have a great relationship with using these facilities. In light of this reality, event toilets designed to be durable can last long and are less likely to break down during the event.
  4. Exposed to the weather elements: Portable toilets are usually used outdoors and are expected to be exposed to the sun, rain, and all weather conditions. When some of these are placed under a tree, it could reduce the impact of the climate forces. Overall, with a robust mobile unit, the weather conditions are unable to penetrate and do any damage.

Event portable toilets are designed and built to be tough and outlast all the natural elements. 

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