Why Going to the toilet is not an option but a necessity




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Life is full of wants and needs. We sometimes trade our wants for needs and needs for wants.  Craving for an ice cream in the peak of winter is not a need but a want disguised as a necessity. Is using the toilet a want or a need? This question could easily be answered by someone who has had an encounter with being pressed for a poo or a pee in a train, bus or location with limited or no public restroom. On the other hand, in a flatshare experience, imagine having a flatmate who takes an extra bit of time to have a wash or answer the call of nature. A more common scenario would be the toilet queue during your choice musical festival. Festivals are renowned for having long toilet queues during peak periods. All of these circumstances warrant a longer wait to use public portable toilets or other forms of facilities. It is easier for an individual to affirm using a toilet is a need after a near-accident experience. It ties in with the joke about the different parts of the human body bragging about their importance or indispensability. The anus felt ignored and decided to shut down. This led to a complete malfunctioning of the other body parts as the body was so pressed and faeces had no outlet. It goes to show the importance and necessity of using a facility.

A toilet is a place of privacy and an ideal sanctuary. It is a place an individual could gain some moment of respite amidst a very busy and demanding day. Aside from being a place to cool off your steam, it is primarily a space to either do a number one or two.  Nothing beats being welcomed in a clean and fully scented toilet. It makes the discharge of waste a more pleasant experience. Some of the basic necessities of life include food, water, shelter, healthcare, education and sanitation. One could easily add the toilet to the list of the basic necessities of life or it could belong to the sanitation category.

An inability to use the toilet for any given reason could lead to negative consequences. Firstly, it could cause one to experience chronic headaches and deteriorate further if no action is taken. Secondly, it can lead to a loss of appetite as you would have to release the unwanted waste before more room could be created for replenishment.   The loss of appetite emanating from a failure to use a toilet will leave you with no appetite even when your favourite dish is served. It is also believed constipation could also leave you with bad breath. A study reveals that about one-quarter of the cases of bad breath is a result of constipation. This clearly indicates a link between the excreta that is stuck in an individual’s bowels and how the smell could travel via their breath. Failure to use the toilet for poo can easily lead to Haemorrhoids.  Haemorrhoids is a condition that involves the swelling of veins in the lowest part of the rectum and anus. In some cases, the walls of the blood vessels could expand quite thin which could lead to the swelling and irritation of the veins.

It is quite clear that the toilet is not an option but a necessity to help us live healthy and quality lives.

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