Why people sing when using the shower




It is no surprise that the shower or toilet in some cases has become the recording studios for many. We tend to improvise in the absence of the standard studio equipment. The sound from gushing water released from our shower and the vibration from the ventilators serve as instrumentals to our voice. In some occasions, the flush from the toilet has the effect of an electric guitar to our new remixed track. We are accustomed to singing our favourite songs and sometimes caught in the act of sampling or modifying the lyrics. As recalling the entire words of a song could prove daunting. We make some words up as we sing our hearts to joy.

We’ve all sang or heard someone sing in a toilet facility. It might be common to hear people sing whilst using portable toilets at a music festival. This will not be out of the ordinary, as the music festival creates a lyrical charm and excitement in the atmosphere. On the plus side, we are not judged on how well we sing in the toilet as opposed to during The X Factor audition. Your bathroom singing performance does not determine how good you are of a singer. As we all know this is a common toilet habit, nudging our dream of becoming that super rock star an inch forward.  Why do people sing when emptying their bowels or having a wash? Maybe there could be science behind this lyrical act.

Reasons why we sing when using the bathroom 

1) Safe space: Our toilet or bathroom moment could be the only time in the entire day where we get to just be us. No one is watching or judging. We find safety during this special moment and we easily find the freedom to let our vocal cords fly like a butterfly.

2) The relaxing effect of water: Depending on the time of the year or physical activity, a warm or cold bath could send a comforting sensation down our spine. Having a shower not just makes us feel fresh and rejuvenated. The singer in us gets the required urge to put talent into action.

3) Transformation of mood: Singing could help us deal with disappointments or a challenging day at work. Singing usually involves breathing deeper to generate the right type of notes. This could lead to a transformation in our mood. A gentle surge of happiness and a positive outlook on life are released. It is almost the benefits of taking part in a wellness or meditation exercise.

4) Rescuing that song that has stuck with you all day: Your favourite song has been playing all day long at work on your preferred radio station. Your toilet or bathroom moment is a special time to do justice to that tune and almost sing it out of your system.

5) No one is watching: Performing in front of the big stage could be quite daunting and cause a bit of nervousness. You are aware that no one will be watching you sing in your bathroom. This helps you feel more relaxed as you dish out notes that X-factor judges will be proud of the delivery.

Singing in the toilet or bathroom is something we’ve all been guilty of at some point in our life. Being able to freely put out vocal cords into active use shows how relaxed and safe we are when emptying our bowels or having a shower. The benefits of singing in a bathroom cannot be overemphasized as long as your voice is not a nuisance to the neighbours.


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