Why portable toilets at some events are set out with spaces between units




line of portable toilets

Portable toilets are a constant feature at events of all sizes, from the large annual music festival to a local neighbourhood fundraiser. People are attracted to these places knowing they can have a great time without worrying about where to handle their business when nature decides to call. Facilities hired can range from one to a few hundred, depending on the number of attendees expected for the event. For example, a famous music festival like Glastonbury has over 1300 compost facilities. It is required as over 200,000 people usually attend the event. 

You may have witnessed the layout of portable toilets in unique shapes like L. The actual formation of these units laid out depends on a variety of factors. Sometimes, there is a bit of space between mobile facilities, and other times, they are stacked right next to each other in an orderly manner. In different scenarios, a fraction of a metre is maintained between these units. We will explore the possible reasons for having a space between mobile units. 

Possible reasons for having a space between set out portable toilets 

1) The venue is spacious and allows for this type of setup: Some event locations are more significant than others. When this is the case, the space allocated for portable units may be quite generous and allow for a loose stack of units. On the contrary, if the area in the venue is limited, the facilities will have to be right next to each other with no respect to personal space. 

2) Smaller events with a limited turnout: we know the magnitude of events differs; some are so small, compact, and intimate that only a few portable toilet units are required. In this scenario, toilet units are expected to be placed slightly apart. 

3) To make users comfortable: Using a public toilet does not come naturally for everyone. The thought of using a toilet right next to someone else may cause some discomfort to a few. The reality is that portable toilets are built to be durable and can prevent too many groans and bowel sounds from travelling past a series of mobile units. The space between the units can assure users who are conscious of their environment when using public units. There is a sense of reassurance knowing your business is unlikely to be heard by someone else in the next stall. 

4) Depending on the layout plan: Plan is essential with many things in life, and it is a core reason an event succeeds or fails. There is a plan for guest arrivals, parking, accommodation, a program of the day, and many more for an event. There are several procedures before, during, and after the event. The same applies to the layout of portable toilet units in this context. The layout plan could involve the creation of space between the units for a predetermined reason or simply due to the layout plan.  These are reasons you’d have spaces between portable toilets at a given event. 


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