Stanstead Abbotts Festival

Stanstead Abbotts Festival

Event description

On the 12th of August 2017, the Stanstead Abbotts festival was held with the main intention of bringing the community together. The festival promotes small businesses by featuring 20 stalls and other attractions such as delicious street food, local musicians, gin tent and entertainment. The event was held at The Maltings Business Centre, Stanstead Abbot which is an outdoor venue with limited or no toilet facility.

Job Assessment

WC Portables was contacted to provide toilet facilities for this local event. We assessed the venue at The West Mallings Business Centre. Our team also looked at the road connectivity to the venue to ascertain the ease in delivering and emptying the toilet facilities before and after the event. It was clear that there were good roads with a 5mins drive to the A10 and a 15 minutes drive from the M25 and 16 minutes from the M11. We worked with the organisers to advice on the range and number of portable toilets that will be required for this event based on the number of attendees, event budget, duration of the event and the nature of the venue. With the benefit of this information, five standard portable toilets were delivered and maintained at the venue.

Result achieved

The event was a huge success as the provision of clean and adequate toilet facilities also contributed to this outcome. Our team ensured that the flushing facilities were in great condition at all times and there were enough toilet roll and hand sanitizers as well. Due to the food and drink consumption nature of the event, the toilet facilities were used more frequently but were always in pristine condition due to the overall supervision from the WC Portable team. The organisers of the event were so pleased with the service we provided and are happy to hire the standard portable toilet units for subsequent Stanstead Abbotts festival.

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