The Chili Festival

Event description

The Chili festival took place during the August Bank holiday and attracted individuals and families passionate and curious about chili to the incredible garden at Benington Lordship. The best and independent chili traders came down to Benington and set up stalls displaying a variety of condiments, ingredients and food for all attendees. There were over 60 stalls displaying items made from chilli such as pickles, cheese, chocolate and sauces. The organisers also made provision for independent business to sell delicious hot meals from all around the world. Some of these meals included Mexican burritos, Indian curries, spicy sausages and Filipino curries. Participants were also entertained by Bruce Airhead and activities for children included face painting and sand arts. At the end of the event, people had the opportunity to take home a chili plant of their choice.

Job Assessment

Our team surveyed the location of the event to gain a clear picture of the appropriate number of portable units required and the actual placement of these facilities. The Benington Lordship is situated about four miles east of Stevenage and it was quite clear that there was a great accessibility to the site. We worked with the organisers to ascertain the number of expected attendees and the appropriate toilet to people ratio. With seven acres of garden in the Hertfordshire countryside, coming up with an appropriate way to place the portable units was important. After a careful examination of the location, the toilets were placed quite distant from the stalls and the general communal area where people relaxed for entertainment and food

Results achieved

Overall, the event organisers and participants were quite pleased as there was sufficient toilets to cater for everyone. In total, 10 single toilets were supplied with 1 disabled unit and 1 × 4 bay Urinal. The adequate supply of a variety of units prevented any queue from building up and attendees felt at ease to try out a range of meals with the peace of using a reliable and accessible toilet when the need arises. Additionally, the event management team and the public were impressed with the sanitary state of these units as we ensured they were serviced each morning of the event.

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