Love and hate relationship for a public toilet




We tend to have a love-hate relationship with some things in life. Like loving chocolates because it’s sweet and a powerful source of antioxidants but disliking the extra calories you’ll have to gain by consuming it. Or the joy of having a dog for companionship and the displeasure that comes from seeing them your shoes or cushion. Chocolates and dogs are not common metaphors for public toilets.

In this sense, one could see the similarity from a love-hate perspective. We all love public toilets, whether mobile or static when they are available for us to empty our bowels and bladder. On the other hand, we develop some dislike after a poor public toilet experience. 

Here are some reasons for a love-hate relationship for a public toilet 


Love for public toilets 

1) When it’s free: We always love a freebie and this includes having not to pay for a public toilet. It is never exciting to dig into your purse or wallet for spare change to use a public toilet. Some train stations in the UK, charge a fee between 30-50p to use their facilities. Very recently, most public toilets in London train stations have been made free for the public 

2) No access code or pin required: The coffee shops are known for requiring pin numbers to use their toilet facilities. They usually provide this access or pin code to customers who have purchased a pastry, beverage or snacks. One is left with a great feeling when you do not have to use a passcode to  access these facilities

3) It has the appeal of a private toilet: Have you ever used a public toilet but felt like you we’re home doing your business? Public toilets that are meticulously maintained and have the imprints of a homely touch- makes you answer the call of nature in pleasure. 

4) When it’s a stone’s throw away: No one likes to travel far to use a public toilet. Shopping malls, festivals, sporting events and train stations that have well stationed public toilet facilities are always a delight for the public. There is a great comfort that comes from knowing a restroom is just a stroll away. 

Hate for public toilets

We know some people develop a love-hate relationship for public toilets. Whilst we’ve covered some of the reasons for the love above, here are some reasons why one may develop a dislike using public units. 

1) Stall with a faulty lock: We’ve written a few blogs on faulty public toilet locks. It is quite a challenging task to hold tight on the door handle whilst emptying your bowels. A faulty or confusing toilet lock negatively affects one’s toilet experience.

2) When you’re welcomed by the remnant of others: Our hygiene standard differs. Some will leave the toilet better than they met it while others can’t be bothered. I guess you’ll prefer using the toilet after the former. 

3) A crowded bathroom leaves you clouded: The poop standoff occurs when you suspend doing a number two because others are present at the facility. When a toilet becomes busy or crowded like a marketplace, some users become tactical with how they do their business. 

4) Insufficient or littered toilet paper: It is always an unfortunate encounter to realise a public facility is out of toilet paper after you’ve just done your business. You will have to find an innovative or inventive way of cleaning your backside. Toilet paper littered is also a big turn off for some users.

These are some of the reasons why one develops a love-hate relationship for the public toilet 

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