How people spend more time sitting on the toilet than exercising




exercising and using toilet

We all use the toilet on a daily basis for either a number one call or two. A common item on most individuals to-do-list or life planner is rarely about using the toilet more frequently but more along the line of exercising more regularly. Our aim for exercising is not restricted to fitting into that pair of jeans, well tailored suit or wedding dress; there are certainly more motivations for working out in life. Other reasons why we choose to live an active life includes, exercising regularly to help reduce our blood sugar, lowering the risk of Type-2 diabetes, reinforcing our immune system, strengthening our bones, reducing our body fat and many more.

On the other hand, using the toilet in a normal and regular manner is quite important to our overall well–being.  The urinary system plays a key role in helping our body filter waste and surplus fluid from our bloodstream.  When we choose to urinate at the required times, the liquid state in our body is effectively filtered. Doing a number two or having a much needed poo is also essential to our health.  Interruption to timely defecation could easily lead to the caking of faeces in the walls of our intestine and cause uncomfortable delays to our digestive tract. This delay could restrict the amount of solid and liquid an individual consumes and negatively impact on productivity.

It is quite clear that there are advantages to exercising and using the toilet. There are obviously disadvantages for an excessive application of either but that is not at the core of this piece. An interesting survey was carried out by UKActive on about 200 respondents. It revealed that people spend more time a week sitting on a toilet than exercising. Surprisingly, about 26% of people surveyed revealed they exercise for 30 minutes or less each week. Breaking down 30 minutes each week equates to about 4.5 minutes each day. It is roughly the amount of time it takes running for a train or a bus during peak hours. This is dwarfed by the staggering amount of time an adult in the UK spends each day sitting on a toilet. About 64% of Brits spend an average of 6 hours a day using the toilet and many of these believe there is a need to increase the amount of time spent in exercising. An average of 6 hours a day results to about 42 hours a week. One can easily state that a certain percentage of this time is spent on poor toilet habits such as replying to emails, checking social media or making a phone call. People can reduce the incredible amount of time spent in a toilet by removing bad toilet habits and using this time to perform other tasks like exercising or walking the dog.

These figures are for complete toilet usage which could also include portable toilet facilities used during events and on construction sites. It re-emphasizes the need for Brits to increase the amount of time spent in exercising on a weekly basis to reap the associated benefits.



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