Reasons for failing to recall if you’ve had your daily poop




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Some days we are quite busy with multiple events unfolding in an unprecedented manner.  When such a day comes around we may find it hard to recall if we’ve had breakfast, lunch or a glass of water. Visiting the toilet for a pee or poop at least once a day could be a usual occurrence in our daily calendar. It is not unusual to fail to answer a number two call in a given day.  A survey carried out on a sizable number of respondents revealed that approximately 50 per cent of the respondents poop once a day. This is not surprising as a vast amount of people can identify with this category. About 28 per cent admitted going twice a day.

These are the hard-hitters with active bowels that keep completing a good shift in no time. The final category of respondents revealed using the toilet to poop about once or twice a week. We are not sure if these individuals have any bowel irregularity, dietary concerns or are just naturally in-frequent users of the toilet for the ultimate purpose. I am not saying peeing is not a critical purpose of a toilet but pooping is on a higher-level with regards to the time required and the discomfort that can be caused. During some period, we may poop during the same time of the day. For some, the mornings are the most suitable time and for other individuals, late evenings are typical. We covered some reasons why you poop during the same time of the day. 

The guess is that you belong to the 50 percent of individuals who poop once a day. Also, assuming the ideal time you handle your business is during the mid to late mornings. It is late evening and you are wondering how the day has flown by and you have no recollection of some  events like using the toilet to answer a number two. What are the possible reasons for finding it hard to recall if you’ve had your poop or not? 


Reasons for failing to recollect if you’ve had your daily poop 

  1. An earlier start to the day: You may have woken up an hour or two earlier than you usually do. It could be due to an important task approaching its deadline. This can slightly alter your routine and the usual time you poop. Or, the non-stop proceedings of the day can lead to a failure in remembering if you’ve done a number two or not. 
  2. Spending the day in a new environment: For those suffering from toilet shyness, the last thing you’d want is spending the entire day in a strange and public environment with limited facilities. Finding yourself in this scenario could deter you from using the facility for number two. At the end of the day, you could be uncertain if you ended emptying your bowels in the toilet. 
  3. Excessive urination during a given day: There are some days we consume so much water or fluid. It could be due to the temperature of an inner desire for hydration. On rare occasions, the condition polyuria can lead to the frequent use of toilet or urinal. With polyuria, one could release almost 15 litres of pee per day. When there is increased use of the toilet for a number one, we may find it hard to recall if we’ve pooped during the day. 

The next time you are unable to recall if you’ve had your daily poop, the above reasons could provide some guidance. 

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