Simple ways to deal with winter odour issues in portable toilets

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The temperatures are beginning to drop and daylight starts to retract, it becomes obvious that winter is drawing ever so close. Regardless of the change in temperatures and visibility, portable toilets are still in demand for a variety of events and construction projects. Although more prominent on building sites than outdoor events. winter descends and the temperatures drop, the use of portable toilets on construction sites and at outdoor events becomes more challenging.

Odour is a common feature in most toilets and communal ones such as mobile facilities are not exempted. We’ve published different articles that touched on odours but this piece would look at mitigating or dealing with this unpleasant smell in the cold winter period. Some of these strategies can be down to the design of the mobile units and other times due to its actual usage. Let’s have a quick look at these useful; tips.  

Different ways of reducing odour in portable toilets during winter 

  1. Adequate ventilation system: Odour grows more powerful when trapped in a space or building. Have you ever used a toilet facility that had no ventilation feature? The odour usually intensifies the longer you remain in the stall or unit. The smell tends to stick with you for a few minutes after leaving the unit. Poorly ventilated mobile toilets would always have a stronger smell, especially during the cold spells of winter. During winter, it’s common to keep the doors closed to retain warmth, but this can trap odours inside. In the process of keeping the toilet warm, odours are given a unique opportunity to thrive. To address this challenge, it is important to hire mobile toilets that have a ventilation system that works and ensure doors are regularly opened to allow for the needed disappearance of the smell.
  2. The effective use of biodegradable deodorisers:

Toilet deodorisers come in different types but it is important to seek one specifically designed with capabilities to handle the unpleasant smell that could be generated during the colder months. These substances have been properly formulated to function effectively at low temperatures. They are usually environmentally safe and very effective portable restroom deodorants. When applied in a portable toilet, they naturally break down waste and toilet paper within the tank and leave it in a cleaner condition. Thus, ensuring the mobile facilities remain cleaner and reducing the level of odour that lingers in these units. 

  1. Encourage hand washing among users: Hiring handwashing stations will encourage users to wash their hands more frequently and reduce the amount of odour generated in the portable restroom. For example, the applause portable sink could serve this purpose as it features two hand washing stations, foot-powered pumps, a soap dispenser and two paper towel holders
  1. Properly serviced portable toilets: Before hiring a portable toilet, it is important to accept units that have been thoroughly cleaned and serviced. In addition, the toilet hire company should have meticulously checked the units for any leaks or gaps that may contribute to the release of unpleasant smell. 
  1. Provide portable toilet etiquette lessons to potential users: Learning is a lifelong process and some toilet users may have toilet bad habits that need to be shed to enjoy the benefits of fresh toilet facilities. The toilet users can be reminded to avoid flushing items such as paper towels to prevent the heightening and the spread of the odour. 

Overall, the constant presence of unpleasant smells in some portable toilets negatively impacts the experience of the user. Adopting the appropriate solution is essential in ensuring the pleasant use of portable toilet units is maintained at most times

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