When the toilet air freshener takes over your smell





Have you ever visited a public toilet to do a number two and suddenly realise there is no air freshener? Or maybe, you’ve just unleashed a poop that is enormous in quantity and unpleasant for our nostrils. You’re banking on the toilet spray to come to the rescue. Unfortunately, you grab the air freshener and realise it is empty. The embarrassing chills travel through your system as there is some feeling of sympathy for those who are next in line to use the facility. 

Some poop smells are more equal than others. Unpleasant-smelling stools are usually a result of the foods people consume and the bacteria residing in their colon. Bad-smelling stools can also highlight health issues such as flatulence or diarrhoea. The air freshener is designed to mitigate or reduce the impact of the toilet smell. 

Factors that determine the volume of the air freshener usage 

The amount or volume of air freshener we use varies per person and the particular toilet situation. Some people are generous while others are prudent with the amount that is released from these tins. Here are some factors that influence the amount of air freshener we dispense.

 1) Degree of poop smell: There are sometimes we wonder if the poop may have come out of something else aside from our bowels. When the foul odour overwhelms our sense of smell, we are consumed by the desire to fight back the smell. The best ammunition in this instance is the spray. It is safe to say a stronger poop smell may lead to more toilet spray being used. On the other hand, we are more likely to spray less when the poop smell is not too offensive. 

2) Public toilet shyness: Our comfort levels when using public toilets differ. A strong feeling of guilt and discomfort may reside in us if we realise the subsequent user may be disturbed by the smell. Users with less awareness may dispense just a little amount. 

3) Consideration for others: this may be related to the previous point but dwells more on the thoughtfulness and consideration for the subsequent users. We are more likely to spray a considerable amount of air freshener if we think about the convenience of others and live by the mantra of leaving facilities better than we met them. 

4) Presence of ventilation or a window: Some public facilities are fitted with windows, fans or extractors to enhance the suitability of the units. We are more prone to spraying less when units have designated window units. These openings are great outlets for the smell and can quickly render the units in a more usable state. On the other hand, an absence of windows can trigger us in spraying more with the hope of overwhelming our poop smell. 

These are nuances or small variables that can influence the magnitude of toilet spray we release after a number two. 

When the toilet sprays temporary overwhelms your perfume:

It is no surprise to discover someone smelling of toilet spray after using the facility. Imagine in an office environment, your colleague who usually wears a particular perfume walks in and smells of the toilet spray. It is a sign that indicates one has just been to the toilet for a number two or a number one accompanied by an offensive fart. 

Notwithstanding, toilet spray does more good than harm. It makes it conducive when using communal facilities. 

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